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New, Julie collapsed, suspected heart problem, advice would be so appreciated

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  • TaraO
    Hi everyone, I m new:) What a lovely place this is. I m here because my cat Juliette was just diagnosed with a heart murmur and was just recommended for an EKG
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2013
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      Hi everyone, I'm new:) What a lovely place this is. I'm here because my cat Juliette was just diagnosed with a heart murmur and was just recommended for an EKG after a really scary incident yesterday.

      The vet isn't sure what happened and suspects it is related to her heart and I was just wondering if anyone here has any experience with something like this? Julie has never had any health issues ever, and the past week she started intermittently vomiting. We had to change over my other two rescue cats to wet food due to dental issues, and Julie had gotten little bits of their food here and there when
      I wasn't looking (she's always had dry food). I was considering switching her over too, since she was so obsessed with getting their food and it was upsetting her. Then three days ago, she let out a howl. She then vomited. I was worried and was going to make a vet appointment for her if the vomiting didn't stop, and then it did and she seemed fine. Then yesterday she vomited again. A few minutes later she started screaming like she was being murdered. I've never EVER in my life heard anything like it. It got worse and worse and she ran under the bed. My mom was able to pull her out from under and she was still screaming, and she was completely on her side, her eyes whitish and panting. She looked dead, it was so, so scary:( My mom scooped her up and she was completely limp, but immediately perked up once my mom started petting her. She kind of went back to herself after that, but definitely subdued. We rushed her to the vet and they didn't find anything obviously wrong with her, except for the heart murmur. Her blood pressure was 150 even though she was terrified, so the vet said that was okay (the vet suspected she had high blood pressure because her nose was bright pink and her ears looked very red). She mentioned also at the visit that it could be IBD because her diet got somewhat changed abruptly?

      We got her blood results back today, and she isn't hyperthyroid (the vet thought she might be), and the vet said there really isn't anything in her blood to explain what happened. She mention something was off with her urine test, that we might need a certain special test, but she though Julie was just stressed out and that was why the result was slightly off. There was also something slightly off to do with protein, and something to do with muscle, but nothing alarming the vet said. I'm going to try to get the actual results from them. She said she wants Julie to get an EKG because with the heart murmur she thinks it could be cardiovascular, but they are closed until Monday. I'm so scared that she is in danger in the mean time. The vet didn't seem incredibly urgent about it, so I don't know if I'm just panicking. I also forgot to ask her if there was any preventative measure I could take to protect her if is it heart related. Any wisdom/advice/guidance about any of this would be so, so appreciated. Thanks so much for reading/listening. This happened so suddenly and Julie has always been this beacon of health that I just can't even believe this is happening. I'm scared:(

      Thanks so much,
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