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  • Diana Fox
    I have to agree with Lyn on this. I think scanning is so, SO important and as Lyn points out-not just for HCM.   You really don t know how-or if- medicines
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      I have to agree with Lyn on this. I think scanning is so, SO important and as Lyn points out-not just for HCM.   You really don't know how-or if- medicines will work until the cat is taking them, but I have seen first hand that medication CAN help in some cases and slow the progression of HCM for a time. Each cat is different and so a medication that works for one might not work for another. Sadly, I see this with the cats from my breeding program.We have a Maine Coon male, a retired stud, who is DNA typed negative and had scanned clear his whole 5 years of breeding. One year after retiring him, we started getting reports of HCM deaths in his kittens(..all from DNA typed negative/clear scanned females). At our boy's 1st scan after the reported HCM kittens, he was diagnosed 'borderline' HCM and put on Atenolol...two sons were scanned around the same time- one diagnosed 'mild HCM' and put on Atenolol, the other 'moderate HCM' and on Atenolol,
      Plavix and baby aspirin. Both boys also had heart murmurs present on those scans. On the two boys next scans, the heart murmurs were gone and there was no increased size of the left ventricle-one boy's was even slightly less thick than before. (The boy with the 'moderate' HCM sadly passed away late last year from the kidney failure which showed on blood work done shortly after his second scan.) Our boy, on the other hand,  progressed to 'Severe HCM' in the 10 months between scans. He is now on Plavix and baby aspirin, along with his Atenolol. The son with the 'mild' HCM just had his 3rd scan and is doing so well that his cardiologist told the owner they could wait two years for his next scan. She has told me tho, that she will continue to scan her boy every year, just to be sure. HCM is such a frustrating, complicated and heart-breaking disease...all we can do for our much loved cats is give them our very best care, follow their
      cardiologist's instructions and pray for the best .
      Diana...in NC, north of Raleigh
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      Yes, an excellent artcle.

      And a good question, Cindi. I would answer that it is important to scan
      cats with a risk of HCM for several reasons. Heart disease is not just HCM, my
      Milli has two holes in her heart and her medication is vital to stop high
      pressure in her aorta. Without a scan we wouldn't have known that. The scan
      can detect valve problems and holes which do respond to treatment.

      Also cats are excellent at hiding heart disease, a cat could be in heart
      failure and the owner not notice it, but the scan would. The cat may be at
      risk of a clot and that could be picked up too on the echo.

      And fnally, my cats with moderate HCM have been given atenolol which has
      stopped their murmurs and prevented obstruction of the blood flow, reducing
      their risk of clots. So whilst medication may possibly not help the heart
      wall thickening, it may help secondary effects of HCM like turbulence in the
      heart and obstruction . But since I also have HCM cats whose wall
      thickening has reduced with medication, I would always ultrasound my cats to catch
      it early. Maisie, my last entire girl had her scan last year and showed the
      mild/equivacol HCM and is being neutered this week.


      _www.myfurkids.co.uk_ (http://www.myfurkids.co.uk/)

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