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  • Maggie Wilson
    Hello Everyone- Miles, my 17 yr old Siamese mix, was d/x w/ idiopathic RCM this past April w/ an ER trip in the middle of the night for pleural effusion. He
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 19, 2013
      Hello Everyone-

      Miles, my 17 yr old Siamese mix, was d/x w/ 'idiopathic RCM' this past April w/ an ER trip in the middle of the night for pleural effusion. He was there for 5 days, ran many tests. The fluid was high lymphocytic, however no heartworm, no lymphoma. This was the Echo report-

      Left Ventricle:The left ventricular cavity size appears mildly increased. Left ventricular wall thickness is normal. LV
      basal fractional shortening is 50.5 % as measured by M-mode. Spectral Doppler shows restrictive pattern of LV
      diastolic filling. Some bright chordal structures near LV apex.
      Left Atrium:The left atrium is severely dilated. Left atrial maximum end systolic dimension (systole) is 2.32 cm from
      the right parasternal long axis 4 chamber view.
      Right Atrium:The right atrium is moderately dilated.
      Right Ventricle:The right ventricular size is moderately enlarged. RV wall thickness is normal.
      Aortic Valve:No indication of aortic valve regurgitation.
      Mitral Valve:The E-point septal separation is normal. Moderate mitral valve regurgitation.
      Tricuspid Valve:Mild tricuspid regurgitation is present.
      Pulmonic Valve:There is no indication of pulmonary valve regurgitation.
      Pericardium:There is a a trivial amount of pericardial effusion.
      Aorta:The aortic root and ascending aorta appear normal.
      Pulmonary Artery:The pulmonary artery is mildly dilated. Pulmonary hypertension is mild.

      They sent him home w/ low K. He was first on Benazepril alone, more fluid the next week, then added Lasix -then more fluid. It was Memorial wknd midnight- his respirations labored so I increased the Lasix and ever since he's been ok. Now we're dealing w/ the depleted vitamin/minerals. He's extremely sensitive to oral potassium and after supping 1- 2 tabs (with food spread through the day, he gets very sick which has been a challenge.

      The h/x is - Miles went hyPER Dec 2010, reacted to methimazole, had to go to I-131, and has been hyPO ever since reacting to thyroid medications. We're working on it in the other groups, however, really appreciate any heart support here as it's a club of our own I've come to readily understand.

      The university vets refuse to acknowledge the hyPO state, thus refuse to r/x anything to help him even though there is guidance from Dr. Dodds and the thyroid forums. In fact, they said 'cats don't do well w/ thyroid supping so you don't need to be concerned w/ this'. As well, their mindset, along my the local vets, is 'he's old' and do not acknowledge BW. It's not been a good experience in the least and I'm trying to move.

      They have now idea why Miles is taking on fluid. His CREA and BUN were normal at the time and have since risen slightly on Lasix. I've always suspected some sort of undetectable infection- causing much of this, and now we're in such a cascade of symptoms and side effects.

      If anyone has any ideas, we'd greatly appreciate anything. I know I've not covered everything there is but wanted to get the door opened.

      Thank you, all.... I'm lucky to have you as this heart deal is very stressful. No one knows until you're in it.

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