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Re: [FH] New Rhapsody video: Sleep, seizure, or what?

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  • Westgold
    Hi Jim -- I can understand your concern, he certainly does look out of it . What concerns ms is that he didn t give a normal reaction to the tickle under the
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      Hi Jim -- I can understand your concern, he certainly does look "out of it". What concerns ms is that he didn't give a normal reaction to the tickle under the chin -- most cats assume that will mean scritches are coming, and he will press into your hand. My soul-kitty developed a brain tumor, and we found out about it when he had several serious big seizures. He was put on meds which stopped those -- but he continued to have little times when he was "out of it". Sometimes I would look his way and he would be standing stone-still and rigid, a glazed look in his eyes. But as soon as I called his name or touched him, he snapped out of that and was fine. I never saw him fall over or anything like that. But what Rhapsody is doing in that video is not what happened to Pooh. I'm anxious to hear what some vets have to say about that video.

      BTW, we haven't been able to really see some of your videos clearly because they are so dark -- black cat in a coal mine, you know? This one was better than most, but we're hoping you can bring in some more lights in future ones --?

      But he's eating and seems to still have a very good quality of life -- and that is what matters most.

      take care -- Michelle & Tigger Too in Toronto

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      From: Jim Sinclair
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      Subject: [FH] New Rhapsody video: Sleep, seizure, or what?

      I just uploaded a new video:

      Rhapsody was lying with his head tilted oddly and I couldn't tell if
      he was falling asleep or having some kind of seizure or other problem.

      After this video, Rhapsody got up and trotted downstairs for his
      bedtime feeding. He ate the food with the kind of vocalizations he
      usually makes only when he gets duck egg (which I feed with the middle
      meal of the day, not the bedtime one) or some other special treat. I
      was surprised to hear him do it for just his regular food.

      Then a little later, back in my bedroom, he was lying on his stomach
      with his neck sort of stretched out straight in front of him. I
      understand that stretched-out neck posture can go along with asthma
      attacks. I didn't hear any wheezing and he wasn't breathing through
      his mouth, but his breathing did look fast and shallow to me. I gave
      him a puff of albuterol. (He'd already had his twice-daily puffs of
      Flovent morning and night.) He's now curled up in a much more
      comfortable and natural-looking position.

      I don't know what to think about all this. Was the odd head tilt and
      "out of it" spaciness part of a respiratory episode, or was the fast
      shallow breathing part of a neurological episode, or was something
      else behind both of them, or were they unrelated? Any thoughts?

      (And yes, I have sent the video link and these same questions to my vets.)

      Jim Sinclair jisincla@...

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