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Re: [FH] Rescued Kitty Nicholas Going Home!!!!!

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  • shelley seidman
    Diane ..you are truly a wonderful human being. How lucky for the felines in Alabama! Shelley and Gloria ... __________________________________________________
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 1, 2002
      Diane ..you are truly a wonderful human being. How
      lucky for the felines in Alabama!
      Shelley and Gloria
      --- diane14cats <diane.harris@...> wrote:
      > Hello Everyone,
      > I am sending this to several lists, so please
      > forgive if you receive
      > multiple posts.
      > I have fabulous news--rescued kitty Nicholas (ginger
      > cat who had his
      > throat cut)is going home this afternoon!!!!! We
      > have finally found
      > the perfect home.......his new mom and dad are both
      > young attorneys
      > (she is a family/child advocacy attorney who has
      > dealt with many
      > domestic abuse situations) here in town. They do
      > not have children,
      > but they do have two dogs who LOVE cats. Their last
      > cat passed away
      > from complications associated with old age, and they
      > are once again
      > ready to share their lives with a cat. They have
      > just built a home
      > in a somewhat secluded wooded area, and Nicholas
      > will be allowed to
      > go outdoors, although he will primarily be an indoor
      > cat. I am one
      > of those who prefer my cats to be indoors, but
      > Nicholas seemed to be
      > an outdoor cat when he was rescued (very dirty with
      > fleas) and he
      > loves to go outside (with supervision) at the vet
      > hospital's fenced-
      > in animal yard.
      > His new mom has visited him every day for a week and
      > I think they
      > have fallen in love with each other. Nicholas has
      > also met both dogs
      > and there seems to be mutual affection (go figure,
      > he doesn't seem to
      > care for other cats).
      > I feel very good about this match..........but I'm
      > also a little sad,
      > because I said that if Nicholas didn't find a home
      > in two weeks, then
      > I would try to take him in and try to get him to
      > adapt to my home of
      > 14 cats. But his new parents have assured me that I
      > can visit
      > anytime, so I guess this is good news for
      > everyone!!!!!!
      > How's this for irony? Fifteen minutes after we
      > confirmed the
      > adoption, I received a phone call from the vet's
      > office wanting to
      > know if we could help another little cat in need.
      > Macy is a seven
      > month old spayed black and white female who has had
      > a three week bout
      > of colitis. Her "mother" (and I use that term
      > loosely) brought her
      > in and said that she had kept her locked in the
      > bathroom so her
      > house "wouldn't get messed up" and she was tired of
      > giving her the
      > medicine and her husband said that she couldn't
      > "spend one more
      > penny" on her. She wanted the vet to put her to
      > sleep. Instead, the
      > vet called us, and of course, we agreed to take her
      > on. She will
      > board at the vet's for the next two to three weeks
      > and receive proper
      > medication, and then she will be placed up for
      > adoption. Please keep
      > little Macy in your thoughts and prayers...........I
      > have a feeling
      > that her life hasn't been that been happy for
      > awhile. Hopefully,
      > that will all change very soon!!!
      > Love and hugs to all,
      > Diane and the Gang of 14 in Alabama

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