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Re: [FH] Good bye to my sweet Sophia

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  • Morven Doyle
    Oh honey, I really honestly feel your pain, believe me. I had to say good bye to my gorgeous little Mia in the early hours of Tuesday morning. It seems you &
    Message 1 of 2 , May 25, 2013
      Oh honey,

      I really honestly feel your pain, believe me. I had to say good bye to my gorgeous little Mia in the early hours of Tuesday morning. It seems you & I, Mia & Sophia followed an extremely similar path. My tears are flowing down my cheeks are I write this to you. Tears are extremely healing by the way, so swallow as many of yours as you can.

      My Mia too was only a tender age of 8 & she was also diagnosed in early April (around the same time as your gorgeous Sophia). Mia had gone into heart failure too, had fluid drained from her chest & was responding well to the drugs. The cardio told me the prognosis wasn't good but like you, I believed my wee baby would be with me for a lot longer as she was doing so well. She also slept with me every night & I woke up to her every morning. She actually came under the covers with me for a snuggle & spooned me - both of us in our side, her head nuzzled under my chin & her back snuggled into my front. We both loved these special snuggles & I stroked her for ages each night until we both fell asleep.

      I collected her ashes just last night and she is now back with me where she belongs. I chose a beautiful little pink urn with her name on it. She would have loved it I'm sure. I slept with her in my arms again last night and I'm sure she is with me & watching over me in spirit - just like your Sophia is with you.

      We have been blessed with having these gorgeous, gentle little souls in our lives and for that, we should be truly grateful and thankful. Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. Also remember this; 'If you are brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello' - Paulo Coehlo.

      You and Sophia and my little Mia (and of course everyone else on here that has felt this extreme pain or may be facing this soon) are in my thoughts and prayers. Everyone on here is so special and has been a great support to me in these last very difficult few days. We will see our little ones Gain and I'm sure the waves of grief that come crashing over us will soon subside to gently lapping ones and then eventually, the calmness of deep & still waters will return once more when we realise that we really have given our babies one last final act of extreme kindness. They know how much we loved them and they loved us back so much & unconditionally in return.

      We will both be OK honey & our little ones are probably playing with each other & breathing wonderfully at the bridge, waiting to see us again :-)

      Morven x

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      On 25 May 2013, at 09:01, "hope.atamian@..." <hope.atamian@...> wrote:

      > Hello everyone
      > I posted a couple of months ago regarding my 8 yr old cat Sophia, and have continued to read everyone's messages as they come into my inbox.
      > Sophia was diagnosed with severe hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in March. The cardiologist gave her a year or less to live.
      > I could have sworn it would be much longer than a year, but with the heaviest of hearts, I realized today it wouldn't be.
      > Today Sophia took a terrible turn for the worse and after a visit to my regular vet and then to the emergency clinic this evening, I was told by both vets that Sophia's best and most humane option would be to put her at rest.
      > Just this morning, even through labored breathing, (which just started this korning), she nuzzled me, purred and hugged me like she does every morning.
      > She was the sweetest, most beautiful cat.
      > I have 4 cats, but she faithfully slept with me every night and was there next to me every morning. I am going to miss that so much.
      > She was playing normal, eating, going to the bathroom, but little did I know that her lungs had filled with fluid again!!! And this time much worse.
      > She did not respond to the Lasix shot or oxygen.....she started coughing (almost like she was trying to get a hairball out ) and it was happening all over again.
      > My vet met me back at his office at 8 pm and I held her in my arms while she lost consciousness.
      > This is the worst decision and the hardest to comprehend, because it happened so suddenly. One day all the medicine just doesn't work and her heart can't do the job it needs to do.
      > And nothing prepares you. Her heart was beating so fast, I thought it was going to jump out of her chest.
      > In any case, I wanted to share my story, because I read everyone else's and they help me.
      > This is a great support group and I wish everybody the best with all of your babies.
      > I adopted Sophia when she was 6 months old. She was pure white with blue eyes. She is a Siamese mix, so she grew into an amazing coat with gorgeous markings. She was a little princess and didn't socialize much with the others, only with me, so I wonder if they will notice her absence.
      > I was blessed with this beautiful, sweet baby for 8 loving years. I will take that and cherish every moment I had with her.
      > I wish it didn't happen so fast today, but she was suffering and it was devastating to see.
      > Bless you all for the love and care you give to these special babies that have this disease.
      > Hope

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