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  • Westgold
    Oh, this is heart-breaking, I am so sorry. Unfortunately our kitties are very fragile and we never get to keep them as long as we want. But he was so blessed
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      Oh, this is heart-breaking, I am so sorry. Unfortunately our kitties are
      very fragile and we never get to keep them as long as we want. But he was
      so blessed to have you to take care of him, especially during his illness.
      And he gave you all his love in return. This shows
      just how horrible HCM is, and how quickly it can turn. We do the best we
      can, but eventually it wins. But your little boy is healthy again now and
      waiting for you at the Bridge -- I know we will see our little ones again.

      When you feel up to it, please post a memorial to him on our site
      http://www.AngelKitties.com -- we'd love to see his photo and hear how you
      met. All kitties are welcome, no matter how long they've been in heaven.

      Sincerely, Michelle, Susie Q & Tigger Too in Toronto

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      "There are no ordinary cats." Collette

      Thank you to all my friends - and virtual friends who helped me on this listserve - who have supported this "crazy cat lady" through my kitty Jasper's recent illness. I have read that we find meaning in life and can better cope with challenges through our connections - our families, friends and pets. I believe this and each of us bonds in our own way. I am a seeker, not a physicist or philosopher, but it does not seem possible to love without loss. We can harden our hearts and try to avoid the downside side of this equation, or muddle through it as I am doing now.

      Last evening, I had to say goodbye to Jasper. He had been sick for months and although we had some improvement for awhile, he had some setbacks and was diagnosed with congestive heart failure on top of some other issues. He was not a fan of the carrier, car rides and vet visits, although for his Mama, he was a very good patient, taking his pills and eating the special food and supplements I made up for him.

      Jasper was a rescued stray and always a rather delicate boy - I adopted him at six months and he had some health issues even then. He was semi-feral and always something of a special needs cat. He was a very sweet boy who had a difficult life. I had to make the decision to stop trying "one more thing" and let him go without his dealing with any more difficulties. A rational decision made in my mind, but not an easy one for my heart.

      I hope he can see the bunnies in my yard from Rainbow Bridge. I miss seeing him being mesmerized at the patio doors at sunrise and sunset, on bunny watch. And I hope there are little fleece mice there to bat around, which were his favorite toy. He was my "wakeup cat" and came chirping up my hallway into my bedroom each morning, a little too early some days, but I will always remember that charming little meow of his. Aloha my kitten, my Jasper. You taught me patience and to tread lightly upon a sensitive soul.

      Jasper 2007 - 2013

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