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Re: [FH] Update - My Baby Mia

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  • Laurie Stead
    That s wonderful news!  Mia is very lucky to have such a caring mommy.  Boo also gets extremely stressed at the vet and so we are also managing at home
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 19, 2013
      That's wonderful news!  Mia is very lucky to have such a caring mommy.  Boo also gets extremely stressed at the vet and so we are also "managing at home" with no regular check-ups. 

      Did they adjust the dose of lasix based on the fluid coming back, albeit a smaller amount?  Just thinking if it was starting to build back up she may need an increased dosage. 


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      Subject: [FH] Update - My Baby Mia

      Hi again all,

      Well I said I would write to let you all know how Mia & I got on at the hospital today so here goes:-

      She has definitely been diagnosed with ARVC - a rare condition that affects the right side of the heart. In humans, it can cause sudden death (you know when you hear about young footballers dying suddenly on the pitch)? Well what it also says about the condition in humans is that if it is controlled with drugs, there is no reason why they can't enjoy a normal life. So I'm praying for that with my wee Mia.

      Anyway, I had prepared myself for the absolute worse & had told myself that the fluid had came back on her chest. Well when the cardio examined her, he said there was a little fluid that had returned, but nothing like what was there this time last week. He said her chest sounded nice & hollow which was also good. He said last week she had been a very very sick little kitty indeed (they drained 160ml of fluid from her check under general anaesthesia) & that there had been a marked improvement in her breathing & her condition. He said I should be very proud of myself as that was largely down to the love, care & persistence with the drug administering that I had done :-)

      He said a good indication of prognosis was how much a cat eats when they return home Mia is probably eating about 70% of what she used to (which isn't bad I think given what she's been through & the fact that she hasn't been outside or really moved a lot since). So he said that was good. She recovered her breathing quickly after being examined, which he was also happy with :-)

      They tried to take bloods to check the potassium levels & kidney function (to see if it was possible to increase her furosemide) but she wasn't for letting them do that so they didn't want to press the issue. I've been monitoring her RRR which is averaging 21 which they also said was good.

      So now they say given the fact that she doesn't let them examine her very easily & the fact that it is so stressful going to hospital (car journey there n back n examination in between), that they would much rather I manage her condition at home. They say they are there for me 24 hours a day at the end of the phone should I need any advice.

      So now I'm praying that she continues to take her meds, continues to eat & continues to improve. One day at a time.

      My heartfelt thanks goes out to you all (each & every one of you) who kindly took the time to reply to my posts. This is just a fab website (even although most of you seem to be US based & I'm what appears to be a solitary Scot)!

      Much love & miaows to your and your furry little friends with dodgy tickers :-)

      Morven & Mia x

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