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Re: The mystery of Rhapsody - oxygen

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  • Cindy Reese
    Hi Jim. Wow - what a mystery. I sure don t know what is going on with Rhapsody but at least he has you in his corner trying to figure it out and that is half
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2013
      Hi Jim. Wow - what a mystery. I sure don't know what is going on with Rhapsody but at least he has you in his corner trying to figure it out and that is half the battle. I do have some thoughts on the oxygen question.

      I was trying to figure out that very issue a couple a months ago. Unfortunately my sweet Misty never made it home from the ER so I never got to try to set up an at-home oxygen kennel but here is what I know. Actually I don't know how to do it or if it would work but I do know some stuff.

      The oxygen would come from one of 2 methods that I know of. There are oxygen systems that come with the refillable tanks that people drag around. These are available from medical supply places and have like 18 - 24 hours of oxygen for a person - I have no idea how that relates to a cat. The other system is an oxygen concentrator machine which is a big clunky machine that is technically portable but too big to actually carry it around. You can buy one of these but they are pricey - like $3,000 for a new one. You can find used ones on ebay and craig's list but then you would have to take them to a medical supply place to have it tested and be sure it is working. When I was shopping for one the guy at the med supply store told me to look around in the nearby retirement community as those folks are most likely to actually buy these things and then no longer have a need for them. I actually found a new one for $700 at a medical supply store that was trying to clear out excess inventory.

      Even if you have an oxygen machine however I am not sure how you would figure out how to dispense it to the cat. You could put the cat in a box or carrier or kennel and seal it up somewhat and run the oxygen tube in there but I could not figure out how you would calibrate it. Too much oxygen would be fatal. The instructions with the machine surely do not apply to cats and would not tell you the setting to use. I think you could use it for short periods of time (like minutes) without danger but I could not figure out how to put the cat in there and walk away for awhile.

      Part of the problem too is measuring the oxygen levels in the cat. The pulse oximeter for a person is that little thing you clamp on your finger and it quickly measures oxygen levels and you can buy these for like $40. But the feline version is several hundred dollars and they are not as easy to use. They go on the ear but need fiddling and wiggling to get a reading.

      There may be some kind of thing you could put in the kennel that may measure the percentage of oxygen in the air but I did not get that far in my research.

      I did ask the vet whether they had 'at home' oxygen for kitties and she said they do have a similar little nose delivery system similar to human oxygen but we did not discuss any further.

      So I sure did not solve your problem but there is a little info about how you might proceed.

      Cindy and the old kitties in AZ

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