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Update: Chloe (Mom too)

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  • zan200
    Hi Everyone, I wanted to send an update on Chloe as she was at the vet s Monday for another checkup. First, vet says we re not going to try the Vetmedin again
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 27, 2013
      Hi Everyone,

      I wanted to send an update on Chloe as she was at the vet's Monday for another checkup. First, vet says we're not going to try the Vetmedin again - Chloe's side-effects were just too severe. X-rays showed slightly less fluid around the heart and blood work showed kidney values a bit higher than last time, but nothing in a dangerous level - so no changes in meds for now.

      Chloe's biggest problem over the past few days has been dental. She's has been having these dramatic episodes of jaw crunching and pawing at her mouth every time she eats - both little dishes of food and my syringe feedings. The vet checked her mouth, but found nothing amiss, however, by Tuesday, Chloe's symptoms escalated so I called the vet and discussed putting her back on a course of Zeniquin. Vet approved, and thought maybe Chloe was starting an abscess under the gum of one of her molars..Day 2 of the Zeniquin and Chloe is still frantically pawing at her mouth whenever she eats.

      I really wanted to share exactly what Chloe looks like when she's pawing at her mouth, so I took a short video and put it up as "unclassified" (only to be seen by those I give the private link to) on YouTube. I'll include the link - any thoughts on what could possibly be going on would be greatly appreciated.

      I'm going to call the vet tomorrow and see if I can email her the YouTube link to see what she thinks about all this - Chloe is obviously in distress when she eats - it almost looks like something is stuck in her teeth....Very, very strange...

      On a side note, my mom is thankfully slowly recovering from her pneumonia and fainting spell...Dr.'s visit last week showed her lungs to be much clearer, and she's to have a follow-up x-ray in a couple of weeks... Mom is still weak, but is now able to get up and walk around the house a bit...Fingers crossed no more scary episodes!!!!

      Thanks so much, everyone for your care and concern...If you'd like to see Chloe "jaw pawing" here's my YouTube link...


      Again, many thanks,
      Suzanne and Chloe
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