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Re: Safest appetite stimulant for HCM cat

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  • Sarah Wadey
    Thanks everyone for all your kind replies, it s greatly appreciated. Hi Lyn, it s great to know we need to rule out Laurabolin if it gets suggested. Thank you
    Message 1 of 6 , Mar 24, 2013
      Thanks everyone for all your kind replies, it's greatly appreciated.

      Hi Lyn, it's great to know we need to rule out Laurabolin if it gets suggested. Thank you so much. It's really helpful.

      Hi Binarina - I'm sorry I don't know your name. Sometimes vets prescribe too high a dose of appetite stimulant and it can be scary. But with the right dose they can be useful. However after using various ones with Ras before they scare me too and I'll do everything I can not to use them.

      Hi Christina, Ras actually stopped accepting anything other than A/D about a month ago, so I already feel it saved his life and is a great tip had I not already employed it. of course his BUN and P shot out of control from previously stable numbers, so we re-inrtodued renal along with ham treats in btwn which he was bribed with for a bit! He has been assist fed since last summer although goes through spells of eating well in between feeds.
      Some time back my vet & I discussed what we would do when Ras stopped eating. We agreed that we would exhaust every possible avenue to get him to eat again, except one. A feeding tube. Not because we don't agree with them, I know many who have used them successfully, but because we will allow Ras to 'call it' when he his kidney's have had enough. I am happy to syringe feed him for as long as his body can take it and will continue to try to find the cause of his loss of appetite to get him back on track. But when his kidneys are no longer able to cope (not before) we will not be using a tube. I don't think it would buy him enough time to justify the trauma. I may of course feel differently when am forced to cross this bridge, so decided it was best to try and think about it clearly before hand. Of course judging the right moment will be tricky, so for now we keep on trying because he clearly wants to be here.

      Hi Lee & May, thanks for your concern. Rest assured I do not intend to use appetite stimulants until we know what we are dealing with and treating it appropriately. I'm fairly sure Ras is not suffering from nausea - and doubtful it is an acid problem although it's on our list, just not near the top as there are quite a few other likely suspects we are exploring. So I really just wanted to know about appetite stims for HCM cats so that I would be armed with the knowledge if the time comes - but not for use yet. I do appreciate your sincere concern about this and your good advice.

      Thanks again

      Sarah & Rascasse x
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