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  • Jonathan Rosenberg
    I m sorry to hear about Mocha s current condition. About a year and a half ago I did a lot of research into clots, after our old guy Lynx threw the first of 3
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 22, 2002
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      I'm sorry to hear about Mocha's current condition.

      About a year and a half ago I did a lot of research into clots,
      after our old guy Lynx threw the first of 3 clots to his left
      rear leg. I have not kept up with the literature as well as I
      did them, but as far as I know, the following still holds true.

      There is no effective treatment for a clot that has already
      appeared. Researchers have tried surgery & "clot busting"
      medicine, but in both cases, the result was much worse than doing
      nothing & hoping that the cat's body would deal with the clot
      (which often happens).

      The best thing you can do for a cat that has thrown a clot is to
      treat the underlying heart disease (if there is any, which is
      usually the case). You are clearly doing this.

      As far as being proactive, it seems to me that this is premature
      & presumptive. First, there is no way to know if & when that
      clot will dislodge. Second, even if it does dislodge, there is
      no way to know where it will end up & how his body will treat it.
      It could very well end up in a rear leg (or someplace similar) &
      cause minimal difficultiees & allow for a quick & full recovery.
      Lynx recovered very well from all 3 clots.

      In a sense, it is a time bomb ... but, so is life.

      The only caveat I can think of to all of this, is that you really
      do need to keep a close eye on him for signs of trouble. When
      thrown, a clot can be very painful & you would want to get him
      prompt treatment.

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      > Hello Everyone,
      > About ten months ago, my cat, Mocha, was diagnosed
      > with HCM. I posted
      > to the board then and have been an avid reader of this
      > list ever
      > since. An ultrasound showed he had an enlarge left
      > ventricle and
      > quite a lot of fluid in his chest cavity (which was
      > drained). He has
      > been on one 30 mg Diltiazem and one and a half 12.5 mg
      > Lasix twice a
      > day and a baby aspirin every third day. He has been
      > the same loving
      > and sweet cat he had always been and even the vets
      > have said that
      > there is no way that they could tell that there was
      > any problem at
      > all, without an ultrasound or the build up of fluids
      > which lead to the
      > original diagnosis.
      > I took Mocha in for a checkup today, because my wife
      > and I had noticed
      > that at times he had been breathing a little heavier
      > than usual over
      > the past couple of days. The vet drained quite a lot
      > of fluid from
      > his chest cavity and then told me that the left
      > ventricle had grown
      > even larger and that he could see a rather large clot
      > inside it. This
      > is the first time since he was first diagnosed that
      > there has been any
      > change in his condition. The vet did give me a
      > prescription for 25 mg
      > Aldactone to be given in one quarter tablet doses
      > twice a day, to help
      > with the fluid build up. But he also said that there
      > was nothing that
      > we could do about the clot and that it was a 'time bomb'.
      > The vet, who has always been pessimistic about Mocha's
      > chances from
      > the beginning and seems surprised that he has done as
      > well as he has
      > so far, also said that we may want to think about
      > being 'proactive'
      > before he throws a clot and the decision is made for us.
      > I can't see putting a cat down who eats, drinks,
      > plays, and sleeps
      > like he normally does. Is there something else I can
      > do to help the
      > situation? Could CoQ10 (or any other homeopathic
      > remedy) help? I
      > value this groups opinion very much and have not been
      > a regular poster
      > to this board only because the situation seemed to be
      > under control.
      > Thank you in advanc
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