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Sweet Stan Passed Away

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    Tears & love & hugs, Helen Posted by: peepersabq peepersabq@yahoo.com peepersabq Date: Fri Mar 1, 2013 12:25 pm ((PST)) Hi everyone, I only posted a few
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      Tears & love & hugs,


      Posted by: "peepersabq" peepersabq@... peepersabq

      Date: Fri Mar 1, 2013 12:25 pm ((PST))

      Hi everyone,

      I only posted a few times in the fall of 2011, after Stan threw a clot that
      affected only one of his rear legs, thank goodness. Since then, he has
      enjoyed a pretty good life, and we were so lucky to have an additional 18
      months with him. He had a rough few weeks in January, but leveled out to his
      old self during February. After our usual good mornings and pills and
      breakfast today, his heart just gave out. It was a very rough time for him,
      but thank buddha it didn't last awfully long, and I was so very glad I was
      home to hold him close.

      I want to thank this group for existing and helping so many people. Altho I
      didn't post much, I drew on the invaluable knowledge and experience of the
      members and moderators many, many times. If anyone lives in the Hamilton,
      Ontario area and needs Plavix, Lasix or Fortekor, please let me know. I also
      have an assortment of canned kitty food that Stan wasn't keen on but might
      suit someone else.

      It's so hard to imagine life without Stanley Manley, Mr Big, our best boy.
      He is survived by his beautiful sister, Shelley, and his humans, Tracy & JJ.
      Our hearts are broken now, but he be with us forever. We love you Stan!

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