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Re: Bailey's cardio recheck

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  • zan200
    Sending out prayers and purrs to you and Bailey, Kimberly...My 19 year old Chloe has HCM along with a severely enlarged heart, diagnosed this past November -
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 28, 2013
      Sending out prayers and purrs to you and Bailey, Kimberly...My 19 year old Chloe has HCM along with a severely enlarged heart, diagnosed this past November - along with with chronic pancreatitis and stage II kidney disease. Chloe does not eat or drink enough to sustain herself, and she can't take Sub-Q fluids, so as a last ditch effort I began assist feeding Chloe both food and fluids - it's keeping her alive.

      Have you thought about supplementing Bailey with syringe feedings? Check out the assist-feeding group - especially this video
      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6o17wH6ujk. I adjusted the technique to suit Chloe - I place her next to me in a chair and assist-feed her 25-27mls 4X a day. I use my immersion blender to make a "milkshake" from her favorite Fancy Feast flavor. I use the same technique to administer 9 mls of water by syringe 3X per day.

      Again, many prayers for you both,
      Suzanne and Chloe

      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "ishkarah" <irescuerotts@...> wrote:
      > Hi everyone,
      > I have not been actively posting but I have cried with you when your kitties have passed and prayed for your kitties. My heart breaks each time I see one take a negative turn but I have not posted. Since September, I have been dealing with Bailey's prognosis.
      > His cardiologist gave him 3-12 months. I don't even remember if I posted this Sept visit or not - that is where my had has been. He has an excellent cardiologist that has kept him going since he was 5 (he turns 12 this May) when the murmur was detected and his diagnosis rendered. So I am very fortunate to have been able to pay for his meds and veterinary needs and that he responded well.
      > I knew that one day the "turn" versus progression would come and I would hear a projected timeline. That happened in September. Thankfully we are now at 6 months so her initial thoughts he has surpassed and I remain optimistic that he continues to defy logic.
      > Since he cannot take the stress of a 2 1/2 hour drive each way, I brought him to a local satellite office from another group of specialists. The doctor there is experienced with heart kitties but is conferring with my cardiologist. She took great care of the boy and while his condition is sadly moving to enlarge the right chamber (was the left) she believes he is not yet on his way out. There is no fluids in the body (lungs, chest, abdomen) and no sign of clots. The biggest concern is his weight loss. We had a full panel of bloodwork the week before and ALL his numbers including electrolytes, kidney, renal, thyroid are perfect! So it is attributed t the medicine. We are introducing some B-12 shots and potentially mirtazapine to facilitate an increased appetite. He is eating but needs to eat more.
      > The other concern is that the enlarging heart is pressing on his lungs and he is coughing more. They checked for increased asthmatic activity as he has had episodes in the past and thankfully no increase there. We use albuterol (no steroids) in his asthma treatment when it is needed.
      > I share these results for a few reasons. One prayers that my boy continues to defy the odds and his disease slows or stops advancing for awhile so we have more time together. Two, as inspiration for those who are newly diagnosed and scared. While we will likely lose our precious ones much sooner than had they not had heart disease, we can help make that life longer and only they know when it is there time. Love them with your whole heart, pray, and prepare for the inevitable but keep the light of hope burning for the miraculous.
      > Bailey's meds:
      > 1/4 Atenolol twice a day
      > 1/4 Plavix once a day
      > 1/4 Lasix twice a day
      > .03ml Fragmin (a low molecular weight Heprin)
      > 1/4 Pepcid twice a day
      > 1 .25ml B-12 shot once a week
      > 1/4 mirtazapin every 3-4 days (new)
      > Ventolin via Aerokat as needed for rescue inhaler for asthma
      > Regards,
      > Kimberly & Bailey
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