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Re: [FH] Kitty at home, help please

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  • marianna.mayer
    Why not benazepril in place of Atenolol? Can you ask your vet about switching. My boy did quite well on benazepril. Marianna ... From: BubbaCat1
    Message 1 of 5 , Feb 12, 2013
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      Why not benazepril in place of Atenolol? Can you ask your vet about switching. My boy did quite well on benazepril.


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      I'm going to agree with others in thinking she's recovering from a high
      stress situation. Plus, Atenolol literally slows down the heart. I took it
      myself for a few years and I felt tired & sleepy all the time. It controlled
      my BP so well, I put up with it, but it sure was exhausting. It did get a
      little better over time.

      I would be afraid to let her have access to those stairs while she's still
      a bit weak and wobbly. Don't want to risk a tumble right now!



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      mjpalmerio@... writes:

      Hi All,

      Desperately hoping that some of you can offer some advice. I am new to the
      group but have a few posts out there.

      My 14 year old Norwegian Forest child, Kitty, had a seizure of some sort
      last Friday night and rushed her to the vet. She was diagnosed with a severe
      case of HCM. Since Sunday, she has been on Diuren, Plavix, Vasotop and
      Anerolol ( hoping spelling correct).

      This morning when I went to see her the vet said her heart had stabilized
      and she was standing a bit ( weak hind legs and wanted to do a CT scan as
      they thought possibly a clot to the brain or spinal cord). I nixed the idea
      as she would probably not be able to stand the aenesthesia. I was surprised
      this morning when the vet said I should try taking her home this afternoon
      so I did just that.

      I thuoght she might perk up when home. She is not eating so had to syringe
      feed her and drinks some on her own. She has her pill time at 9a, 4p and

      TOnight I have been cuddling and watching her and she has not moved much (
      although she did walk to her litter box once).

      I am wondering if it's the meds, the trauma from being in the clinic in a
      small cage with other animals, IV, etc and she is just exhausted or.... I
      have heard that older cats take some time to bounce back from a vet stay and
      she has only had one overnight at the vet in her 14 years for a bout of

      Is this a normal reaction given her condition and the meds she is on? Her
      breathing is fine, she is not crying, purrs sometimes when I pet her but
      looks a bit dazed and out of it.

      Would appreciate any insight others can offer. I am actually afraid to go
      to sleep tonight for fear something will happen to her.

      Also, is it best to keep her in my bedroom with closed doors ( I have
      another cat who is used to be with her although sometimes rubs her the wrong
      way as is younger and wants to play) or let her have full run of house
      although there are stairs. I have her food, litter box, several of her beds and
      toys already in my bedroom.

      Thank you so much for anything you can share.

      Baci from Florence,
      Marina and Kitty

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