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Re: [FH] New to Group - Urgent Help Needed

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  • marina palmerio
    Hi Bob, Thanks so much.. She did have blood tests and they said they were all ok so not sure they checked for potassium issues. What is Benazapril? Not
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 10, 2013
      Hi Bob,
      Thanks so much..
      She did have blood tests and they said they were all ok so not sure they checked for potassium issues.
      What is Benazapril? Not familiar with that drug. For the HCM condition?
      And what is the Lasix? All the drugs that she is receiving are in Italian except for this Plavix.
      I so appreciate your good thoughts. I will see what happens tomorrow.
      Very best,

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      Meant to send this to the group...

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      My kitty, Kalysta, had a small cough/hacking sound so I took her into the vet and he found nothing. Then over the course of one week, I noticed that her appetite was off and she became weaker in her hind legs. Then one morning her hind legs collapsed on her. I was right there so I picked her up and put her on the bed. She was not paralyzed, spastic or otherwise and she was fine 10-15 seconds later, but I did take her to the vet an hour later. This time, the blood work showed that her hind leg weakness was due to low potassium and she was slightly anemic. We did xrays and an ultrasound, which showed HCM and fluid around the lungs, pleural effusion. She stayed overnight at an ER hospital for a blood transfusion and fluid therapy for the low potassium. It took a few days of rest and syringe feedings, but she did regain her strength and was no longer walking wobbly.

      She did Lasix for one week and was rechecked for fluids, which had been resolved by the Lasix. She has been on daily Benazepril ever since and she is doing fantastic. This happened just after Thanksgiving and now you could never tell that anything is wrong with her.

      Sending you good thoughts,

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      Subject: [FH] New to Group - Urgent Help Needed

      Hello from Italy,
      I am an American living here in Florence and my 14 year old beautiful, Norwegian Forest cat, Kitty, has been diagnosed with HCM.
      She has never been sick a day in her life and on Friday evening, after having a full dinner, had what seemed to be a seizure of some kind. Her hind legs gave out on her as she seemed to be having a spasm and she lay down, couldnt walk again. No panting or deep breathing or coughing. Her eyes were dilated but she didnt cry, no pain and I petted her for about 20 minutes, she purred but I knew I had to rush her to the vet. They did an xray and found some fluid in the lungs ( not a lot) and put her immediately on diuretics.

      Last evening, they gave her a heart sonogram or ecco which determined advanced stages of the disease and she is now on 4 types of medicine including plavis and anotonol and 2 others. The doctor is concerned about a clot but she does not have the saddle thrombosis as her legs are not paralyzed and they are warm.

      Yesterday she could not stand or really sit up but today she stood to drink some water for a bit. She is no longer eating and is now on a saline solution to hydrate her as she drinks water but is dehydrated. Could the durgs take away her appetite or is it because she is in a cage at the vet, and stressed?She did eat well yesterday.

      Her vision is not the best due to her age but dr. concerned that there is a blood clot in the brain or spinal cord.

      Is it possible for these heart drugs to dissolve the clot? Her heart issues can be taken care of with the drugs but dr thinks there is neurological damage although the only signs she has are the weakness in the hind legs. Also, he said she does not respond well to quick movement in front of her eyes. Not so sure he is correct about this as I had different results today when I tried this.

      They say the next 48-72 hours is critical to see how she responds and then they want to do a cat scan to see where clot is if no improvement. She would have to be aenesthetized for this ( lightly) which is worrisome.

      Has anyone had a similar experience? I am hoping that the clot is small and can be dissolve and she will regain strength in her hind legs.

      I am praying that she will be ok as Kitty is the light of my life and I am not sure the vets here are so great although this one is supposedly the best in Florence.

      Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.


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