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Re: [FH] Another Chloe Update - Vet Visit Thurs.

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  • Westgold
    You re doing a wonderful job! Hang in there! There is a way to give small amounts of fluid. You don t have to have the bag and the tubing and everything.
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      You're doing a wonderful job! Hang in there! There is a way to give small amounts of fluid. You don't have to have the bag and the tubing and everything. You can buy syringes that hold the amount you want, and get a medium needed on the end. Then lift the scruff on the back of the neck, make like a tent of the skin, and shoot the fluids into the tent. If the needle is too thin, it will take longer to get the fluids in, etc. I had to do this with a week-old kitten once -- poor thing -- he cried when I stuck the needle in, but it did help

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      Hi All...

      I've wanted to write, but have just been too exhausted. Today is day five of my assist-feeding Chloe - I'm up to 80mls per day, and am hoping to reach 100mls today...if I don't collapse :).

      Chloe was exhibiting symptoms of dehydration yesterday - she crunches her jaws together like she's chewing on rocks - so I knew I had to add syringing fluids to the schedule. I'm trying for 20mls of fluid today...again, if I don't collapse :).

      I heard from Chloe's vet office yesterday - they wanted to know how Chloe did over the weekend. I told them I was admininistering food and fluids by syringe, and Chloe seemed to being doing OK. I also mentioned that I had planned on bringing Chloe to the ER over the weekend if I thought she needed fluids - I was absolutely not going to risk performing such a potentially dangerous procedure at home alone.

      I was then told the vet wanted to see Chloe at the end of this week - if she starts to show any signs of distress, sooner. Appointment is Thursday afternoon...

      Chloe's respiration rates have been in the 16-24 range so I'm hoping the increase in spiro/lasix has removed some of the fluid...Chloe looks really thin, despite the syringe feeding...I'm hoping this is also due to the removal of excess fluid...

      I really want to broach the Lasix 3X per day issue with the vet - she is adamantly opposed to Lasix more than 2X per day, and claims Lasix is long-acting...Everyone here had told me Lasix stays in body no more than 8 hours, and I know many of you here are giving Lasix to your kitties 3X per day. Can anyone direct me to a medical site for some backup info I can bring with me to the vet's?

      I'm also wondering if there's an alternative way to administer Sub-Q fluids - particularly very small amounts of fluid. I'm thinking Chloe would benefit from maybe 10-15mls at a time, not the whopping big 50ml overload she was getting prior to this last fluid-buildup episode.

      I must say, this has been a very stressful few days - I called yesterday my "Meltdown Monday" :) - it seemed like I was attacking poor Chloe with syringes all day long, constantly questioning if I was actually helping her, convinced I overlooking her need for more fluids, etc., etc., Along with that, I just found out my mother has to have a major eye surgery in 2 weeks - I'm going to have to figure out how to change up Chloe's med/syringe schedule while I'm away from home for possibly 4+ hours...

      I'm hoping all stays quiet until the vet visit Thursday - no emergencies! I'm also praying and sending out postive thoughts to all the very special heart kitties and their wonderful Moms and Dads here on the board...

      Suzanne and Chloe

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