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My first ever post ! HCM / Pro-bnp blood test / Cardio-S / Cardio strength

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  • Sinead
    Hi Group. Happy New Year to you all and your kitties! Sorry if this post is long !!!! My boy cat of approx 4 to 5 years old (non pedigree) was diagnosed with
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 7, 2013
      Hi Group.

      Happy New Year to you all and your kitties!

      Sorry if this post is long !!!!

      My boy cat of approx 4 to 5 years old (non pedigree) was diagnosed with HCM in May 2012 by a cardiologist after an echocardiogram at Royal Veterniary College hospital (here in London UK) which is allegedly the 'cream of the crop' vet hospital in the UK.

      The Vet said of mild, moderate and severe, he would say my boy has moderate thickening of the heart wall.

      Vets said not to medicate, as my cat also has suspected Asthma (which mysteriously has never responded to steroids, so he has had no steroids since April 2012) and the Vet said that the only drug that would be prescribed at this stage would be a beta-blocker and he said that this could further exacerbate the breathing noises / asthma.

      The vet's plan of action was to firstly take a pro-bnp blood test which was done in June 2012 and then at the beginning of this year take another pro-bnp blood test to monitor the 'marker ?' and this would indicate any increase and God forbid there should be an increase, then another echocardiogram would be taken.

      So my baby has been unmedicated since his diagnosis in May 2012 and is due his second pro-bnp blood test within the next week.

      (if anyone is familiar with the pro-bnp blood test this is what the vet told me: that a 'normal' cat's result would be 220 and that my boy's result was 535, the vet also said that a cat's result can be as high as 900 without the cat being in CHF)

      Just all sounds like random numbers to me, so if anyone has any further information on the pro-bnp blood test and interpreting results, i would be ever so grateful for your input.

      i have only just read up on supplements which my vet never even discussed with me, and I was thinking to buy vetri-science Cardio-S which is UK sold but then saw a post here that it is missing DHM ??? which IS included in Cardio-Strength which is USA sold.

      Forgive my ignorance but would it be better for me to buy Cardio-strength and if so would it lose any potency or become dangerously contaminated through getting mailed to the UK? (airport scanners, irradiation etc ? )

      Sorry if I sound moronic! And if that part has made you laugh, then i am happy to have done so ! :-) It's just when i read about irradiation of orijen dry food to Australia and cat deaths as a result, it scared me!

      Also would cardio-strength be an all-in-one supplement as in thats all my boy would need ? Or should things like salmon oil also be given ?

      Please assist this gorgeous black and white tuxedo cat and his clueless mum !

      God bless all kitties and their human parents xxx
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