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Re: [FH] Re: [CRF] Lahri Head Twitch???

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  • mary beth fitzpatrick
    Thanks for this, Sarah ! Really appreciate the follow-through. Both the ageing as well as health aspects make lots of sense to me, and I m feeling pretty
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      Thanks for this, Sarah ! Really appreciate the follow-through.

      Both the ageing as well as health aspects make lots of sense to me, and I'm feeling pretty sure Lahri's twitching was a function of the herpes flare-up and all the violent sneezing he was doing. Fortunately, I suddenly noticed one of the last mornings that he wasn't doing it any longer - and that did coincide with a lessening of the sneezing.

      The kind of information you are putting out here is very, very useful - I'm sure to a lot of us. Thanks for every morsel of it.

      mb and lahri
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      From: Sarah Wadey
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      Since posting my reply yesterday and having someone contact me for further information, which I don't have, I did at least find some notes I made at the time when talking to my vet.
      While it's not an article or link, it's worth posting here because it corrects an error in my memory (which is rather disturbing and I'm putting down to tiredness....)

      The large muscle twitching and 'rippling' along Rascasse's back were supposedly because he is hyperaethetic, as I mentioned, which means he is over sensitive to touch, irritated by daily sub q's - and THIS is what the neurologist said she saw a lot in Siamese.
      It's very different to the head jerking which I was remembering as the Siamese trait, so not relevant to this thread, and I apologise for mixing this up.
      Anyway since stopping sub q's his constant back rippllng has stopped - by the way we were not doing the sub q's wrong, or pumping him full of air, the vet gave him a couple of sub qs and saw the exact same thing - so I feel the hyperaestic diagnosis may be right. He's happy to have his back stroked, but gets very twitchy/ripply along his back for a minute when he gets shots. Daily jabs make him constantly ripply and jerky to the touch.

      Here's the relevant bit:
      my vet relayed the neuro's comment as "the twitching / head jerking is likely to be due to 'normal' ageing changes - likely some degeneration of the brain/nerves which is seen as animals age especially if their health is not 100%."

      I had asked if the head twitching/jerking could be associated with high phosphorous and calcium numbers, which he had at the time, and the neuro said she thought it unlikely as she would expect to see seizures as a first sign if these were high and not tremors/jerks/shakes.

      Neuro suggested we could try Vivitonin (not licenses in cats in UK) as it increases blood flow to heart and brain and is used routinely in dogs for brain changes (and also in some cats she has seen). Since Vivitonin had also been mentioned for Ras's heart (he had just been diagnosed with HCM too) we did try Vivitonin for a short time. It did not appear to help his head twitching, although I'm not sure we tried it long enough to give a fair report, as his HR was very fast and we decided to switch to Atenolol.

      His head jerks do seem fewer now. I feel that they may be more pronounced when he is not so stable and feeling less well. But I also feel strong meds make him this way too. Since both possible events are likely to co-incide it's hard to pin it down more.
      But given the fact the head jerking with my previous girl did increase as she got older and sicker, I feel fairly happy with the explanation above from the neuro.

      Again apologies for my mistake before, hope this helps



      a.. 2

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    • Julia Jennings
      Hi Sara, Thanks for your response.  Dante s head twitching seems to have increased somewhat as he ages but he doesn t do it all the time.  I don t think he s
      Message 2 of 8 , Dec 29, 2012
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        Hi Sara,
        Thanks for your response.  Dante's head twitching seems to have increased somewhat as he ages but he doesn't do it all the time.  I don't think he's in pain I just look at him while it's happening and it's kind of weird.  He will be 13 in April.  He has CRF/asthma, the HCM possibility was ruled out by a specialist who did an echo on him.  I have never heard of the head twitching being specific to bengals.  I have mentioned it to my vet before and they just say oh really and I don't get a great explanation.  Your neuro guy's explanation sounds like the best one I've heard.  Dante' isn't really on alot of meds, just liquid terbutaline 2x day (can't get any Flovent into him, he won't let me) and he is on an allergy hyposensitization program (which I don't feel is really working).  So, that's it.  Thanks for the information though this head twitching has always puzzled me.
        Julia and Dante'

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