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Re: [CRF] Kramer still in hosp. Update

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  • Donna
    HI Susan and others who mentioned same thing, Now that I had time to think about it, and read about the bp increase(potential) with epogen, I will request
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 19, 2012
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      HI Susan and others who mentioned same thing,

      Now that I had time to think about it, and read about the bp increase(potential) with epogen, I will request

      daily bp readings. I checked his previous bp's at local vets

      and they were not as high as now in hosp. , so maybe we can check with cardiologist when she is in

      on Friday...never thought he would be herre this long. Can the iv fluids increase the bp? .

      Dec 3rd bp's at vets office: 154/117 (134), 139/121 (126), 155/107 (130)

      Systolic 149 diastolic 115 Mean 130

      (I copied them as they were written on my printout...

      And maybe we can talk about Benazapril increase (proenuira), or add norvasc, or there had been

      some talk about Vetmedin/Pimobendan...not so much to help his heart but b/c of Winn studay that found that crf

      and heart cats kidney labs went down. Does anyone have a personal experience with Pim and kidney labs

      getting better?

      Just got home from a pretty good visit. 2 hr purring, ate great, 10 min walk, not as energetic as last two nights

      but pretty good..I hope my emails make sense. I am always so rushed to type them i do not proofread.

      Sorry! And thank you to all the very awesome peopel who are helping and taking time out of their busy lives!!!

      Erika - Got your email. Thanks. Might call you-faster than typing:)

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       Hi Donna,

      Personally I would not stop the BP checks.  Epogen has the potential to raise BP so kitties should have BP monitored while on this drug.  Also, looking at Kramer's BP results, some vets would begin a BP med like amlodipine with these numbers.  I would revisit this topic with your vet and try and get her to explain in more detail why she believes there is no longer a need to monitor Kramer's BP.

      I'm glad he's doing a bit better.

      Susan, my sweet Angel Cali and Clara in spirit

      On 12/19/12, Donna wrote:

      Hi Everyone, Thanks to all for all of your advice and support. I had another very good 2 hr visit last night.

      He and i walked for 10mins in halls, veryinquisitive/tail up/purring. Ate treats and wet good. Purred for two hours.

      His numbers yesterday were bun 95, cr 5.3,phosp 6.8. PCV 15%. He is on 20ml iv drip.

      He got his first eopgen shot yesterday. He is on iron supp. I am having her talk to heart dr. on friday about

      epogen side effects for heart and requesting lowest dose possible. She is hedging with me about that.

      He gets a new iv site today, but there was also talk about whether we should see how he does with

      subq's...I am still so confused and head spinning. I ahve nothing doen at home or for Christmas

      or for supplies for him. I requested a daily weight. Stopped cerenia today but still on 1/4 pepcid daily.

      She thinks we can stop all the bp checks. They have been around the same she said � 186/124, 185/125, 186/131.

      I am just overwhelmed by all his medical problems, both old and new. She said

      he's eating on own(they stopped offering just purina nf-finally!). Let's see...i think that is

      latest, She will run kidney numbers today again. I think they want them as best as possible prior to coming home.

      In August when he seemed ok they were BUN 61 (15-34), Crea 4.6 (0.8-2.3), Phos 5.7 (3.0-7.0).

      Thanks to all again. Sorry if I haven't replied back to anyone...Keep praying - I believe in miracles!

      Donna and Kramer

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