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Re: I lost my cat this morning

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  • jenzcritters
    Oh! I am so deeply sorry to hear of your loss. Can you have a necropsy (kitty autopsy) done? It will give you closure and will answer your question regarding
    Message 1 of 8 , Dec 10, 2012
      I am so deeply sorry to hear of your loss.
      Can you have a necropsy (kitty autopsy) done? It will give you closure and will answer your question regarding changing vets.
      Were you referred to a specialist at any point? Was such a specialty workup possible for you financially?
      Usually with heart disease both lungs are cloudy not just one.
      When a cat loses a LOT of weight and barely eats then suddenly eats a large amount, he can die due to a condition called "refeeding syndrome" which is when a catastrophic electrolyte imbalance occurs due to the sudden intake of food. I am wondering if this is a possibility here.
      I can tell how much you loved your boy. I am quite sure he felt it. And, in the end, having been truly loved in life is much more important than how long we lived.
      Sending hugs.

      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "techigirl78@..." <techigirl78@...> wrote:
      > My cat had been to the vet twice in past 3 weeks for weight loss and lethargy.
      > First visit. Bloodwork showed high white blood count and low calcium. Xray showed one lung was all cloudy that could signify anything from infection to cancer and gallstones. Vet said ultrasound may be needed, but suggested we try bloodwork to check infdction and treat with antibiotic. Revisit scheduled two weeks. Vet asked if any open moutb breathing. I had seen none. He had lost a lot of weight before i took him. About 2 lbs, but I tried feeding him mord for a few weeks before I took him in.
      > I gave meds and tried to get my baby more food. He was almost 10. Vet says senior, but it still seems young. He had goid days and bad. Not overly active. But he always was eating some on his own.
      > Second visit vet heard murmur and said that is not normal, could be cardiomyopathy. But, slight drop in white blood cell count led vet to try another antibiotic with recheck needed and if no improvement then ultrasound. I closely watched him. No open breathing still. Over the week he seemed to have more energy. Yesterday eating almost 2 cans of cat food along with somd dry foid. I was so happy. I thought he was recovering.
      > This morning we were cuddling on bed. He was even rolling around purring getting his belly rub. He took a short nap, looked around and went downstairs. A few minutes later i followed him to give him his antibiotic. I find him drooling, hunched over, and gagging. I run to get dressed. Grab him and head to er. It took only minutes to get ready and hospital is five minutes away. He looks horrible. His breaths get shorter apart. I arrive, pick him up and he is almost lifeless. I run into the vet and hand him over. The tech said as soon as he put him on the table he passes.
      > I am so sad. He is gone now and all i have is questions. Since the vet said possible cardiomyopathy. I start looking it up today. If that could have been the issue, why the antibiotics? If that was the issue, what do I need to do to prevent his sister getting sick like him? I am so sad and angry. I think I should switch vets, but how to find a good one? I put another cat down at 10 last year with vaccine associated fibrosarcoma. As the vet injected in back instead of legs, I had no option. I thought this is just in my head. But even if he didnt have open breathing, wasnt weight loss, foggy chest xray and murmur enough to do something else or am i just overthinking it? The er did not mention er, but said heart failure can cause what happened to my baby. I am so upset and confused.
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