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Re: [FH] Oreo update, vet visit......

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    Okay...with all this news I d say you are rushing things. You are too anxious perhaps for him to be well. He s been through so much. Poor Oreo, I think he
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 3, 2012
      Okay...with all this news I'd say you are rushing things. You are too anxious 'perhaps' for him to be well. He's been through so much. Poor Oreo, I think he needs time. With so many teeth gone and the scar tissue to get use to...my oh my the poor guy.
      But you did say that you thought he was doing better since you began giving him the Buprenex again, right? If so, I'd keep that up for now regardless of what your vet thinks.


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      So, the vet said his mouth looks wonderful. She showed me that where I kept thinking it was swollen, it was in fact his gum line mixed with years of scar tissue build up from that rotten tooth. Since that was the "worse" side for so long, it had developed scar tissue and she showed me that he showed no tenderness there and it was in fact "hard" as gums are. I guess I just thought both sides should look the same, but the other Canine wasn't that bad for that long, so it healed in a much more normal manner. She looked for mouth ulcers and assured me there was no cancer in there.
      She also said that the type of xrays he would need , if I go that route would require going under anesthesia again, ? Because a film would have to go inside his mouth as well as the xray machine on the outside just like people do & I never thought of it that way. But, I won't put him under again, it was just to risky the first time.
      She feels no need to do x rays and wants me to video tape the way he is eating so she could "see" exactly what he is doing. She is thinking he might just be adjusting to the lack of teeth in his mouth and getting frustrated that the food isn't staying in where it should as he is eating ??? So, she doesn't think he is in pain, so much as it being awkward? I guess this is all a good thing and maybe I just need to give him time ? I might be just rushing things a bit. Any thoughts ?

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