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Smaller Potassium Capsules

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  • zan200
    Hi All, Just arrived home after Chloe s re-evaluation from the vet. After Chloe s nightmare Thanksgiving weekend filled with serious breathing episodes,
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 26, 2012
      Hi All,

      Just arrived home after Chloe's re-evaluation from the vet. After Chloe's nightmare Thanksgiving weekend filled with serious breathing episodes, coughing, no eating, etc., the vet has decided Chloe definitely needs Lasix 2X per day as she greatly improved once I put her back on the higher dose. She's to get 1/2 tab Lasix AM and 1 full tab PM for the next few days, as Chloe has still had a couple of PM coughing sessions.

      The vet checked her potassium level - it's still in the low/normal range but with the increased Lasix dose she wants Chloe on a potassium supplement. Chloe will not take the potassium gel, and the regular Renal Kare tablets are much too big. The vet searched out a variety of compound pharmacies and discovered one that compounds potassium into 1 mg or 2 mg doses in a #3 size capsule - this is fantastic as I give all of Chloe's meds in #3 capsules and Chloe comfortably handles that size.

      The vet says the number one prime issue is to reduce the excess fluid - whatever amount of Lasix it takes to do this is OK - if Chloe shows any signs of breathing issues, give more Lasix. Next worry about potassium then appetite. Since increasing the Lasix, Chloe has been eating, drinking, and acting much more like "herself." I could tell she actually gained back a bit of the weight she'd lost - vet confirmed this - she up an ounce (6.91 lbs).

      If anyone needs info regarding the smaller potassium tablets I'd be more than happy to share...My vet didn't know it was possible to get the potassium supplements in such a small size and is planning on recommending this to all her "potassium" kitties that can't handle the gel or big tabs.

      Suzanne and Chloe
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