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Re: [FH] Oreo- update

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  • June Jeffrey
    Hi Susan,   It s good that Oreo is eating, jumping, walking, breathing ok and that you are monitoring him.  In the meantime, in case it s of any help I ve
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 24, 2012
      Hi Susan,
      It's good that Oreo is eating, jumping, walking, breathing ok and that you are monitoring him.  In the meantime, in case it's of any help I've attached a link from Tanya's CRF site as looking spaced out or mentally absent may be a type of seizure:
      http://www.felinecrf.org/hypertension.htm#seizures%c2%a0%c2%a0and%c2%a0Harpsie's Website (also by Helen)  http://www.harpsie.com/epilepsy.htm%c2%a0 which may be useful in providing more information.
      and as you asked for information about strokes the following link:  http://www.felinecrf.org/hypertension.htm#stroke%c2%a0%c2%a0 Please note I'm not suggesting either of these things is going on or has happened but as you have a gut feeling that something is not quite right thought this information might be a good thing to have in your back pocket as insurance.
      My experience of seizures/strokes is as follows:
      My Daisy (now 19) had a seizure for the first time in August 2011 and as this turned in cluster seizures (more than three in six hours - http://www.harpsie.com/epilepsy.htm#seizure_emergency%c2%a0) I took her to the vet as an emergency.  Blood tests for any cause were negative and she did not have high blood pressure.  Due to Daisy's age I was not prepared to put her through an MRI scan and spinal tap testing which would have entailed anaesthesia again (she had a dental operation in April 2011), so it was described as idiopathic epilepsy.  Knowing treatment with phenobarbital was an option I requested this and she was prescribed Epiphen Solution 4% w/v, Oral drops 0.1ml x 2 daily.  This brought the seizures under control within a week.  Following latest blood tests this month which showed the pheno serum concentration was lower than the minimum in the therapeutic range of 15-45 ug/ml and a couple of breakthrough seizures three weeks ago, her dose
      has been increased to 0.15ml x 2 daily.  And so far, fingers and paws crossed, so good.  Daisy's Urea (Bun), Crea and Phoshorous were all higher in the blood tests taken in May 2012 than those in the tests taken in August 2011, suggesting she had gone from Stage 1 to Stage 11 (Iris testing system).  However, her latest results show a reduction, with her Crea now being back in normal range at 156 umol/l (80 - 180), and although still higher that the August 2011 figure of 125 umol/l (80 - 180), I'm really pleased with the latest figures.  Her heart murmur has remained stable.
      My Angel Felix had a seizure/stroke after being given Metoclopramide (Reglan) by his vet for possible motility problems after he went off his food following vomiting furballs.  Unfortunately I did not know this medication lowers the seizure threshold until after the first injection.  After researching on Tanya's site because Felix appeared so unwell and wobbly several hours afterwards (including falling off a table he managed to get on when I had gone out of the room to get him some food), I didn't administer any more and I also spoke to a vet at an emergency clinic (it was a Friday evening) who confirmed I had done the correct thing.  He was admitted as an emergency over the weekend and subsequently diagnosed as having suffered a stroke from which he did recover, but unfortunately had another a few weeks later when having IV fluids at the vets which took him from me.  It was then also thought there might have been an undiagnosed heart problem.
      I hope this is all helpful.
      Please let us know how Oreo is doing and give him a cuddle from me.
      Best wishes and purrs,
      June, Freddie an Daisy and Angels Felix, Smudge and Fleur

      From: Susan <jknsk2002@...>
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      Ok, so, I had to work today and now that I am home, I am watching him closely. "Technically", he is acting OK, but he seems "spacey", kinda like the week after his anaesthesia from his dental. he IS eating, walking, jumping down from the bed fine, but moving slower than usual.
      I can just tell somethings "OFF" as , but can't put my finger on it. His breathing is fine, normal. He even ate some table food, which is "normal" for him, but it's the "spaciness" that bothers me, yet no real reason for running him to the vet just yet.
      Could he have had a stroke ? A mini stroke ? My mother in law just had one 3 weeks ago and things were similar.
      And what , if that happens do they do ?
      at any rate, I will watch him thru the night and see what he looks like tomorrow and figure this out. But , I don;t feel we are in any immediate danger at the moment.
      Once he walked down off the bed and didn't seem to quite know what he wanted to do, so he came back up and thats generally not like him.
      Any ideas out there ?


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