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Re: [FH] Update -Chloe's Vet Visit

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    Great news -- give her a kiss from us! ... From: zan200 To: feline-heart@yahoogroups.com Sent: Tuesday, November 13, 2012 12:55 AM Subject: [FH] Update
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      Great news -- give her a kiss from us!
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      From: zan200
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      Sent: Tuesday, November 13, 2012 12:55 AM
      Subject: [FH] Update -Chloe's Vet Visit

      Hi All...

      Just wanted to give an update on our visit to the vet's today. It all went very well - the vet first took another set of X-rays to see how everything looked regarding the fluid problem. The Lasix really has been doing the trick - lots of space surrounding the heart and lungs, where there was none before.

      We discussed how long she thought Chloe had been having problems, and again went over a previous X-ray Chloe had in January for a kidney infection (part of the heart and lungs were visible, but did not show anything abnormal). The vet explained the undetectable symptoms for HCM - especially in cats - until the problem becomes obvious and critical.

      We also went over medications - I mentioned the Plavix instead of aspirin - she prescribes aspirin therapy but was very open to the Plavix and is going to discuss it with both the ultrasound internist and cardiologist. Whatever they think is best for Chloe - considering all her other conditions - the pancreatitis, kidney disease, allergies to many meds, etc., I'll go along with. She also mentioned "Altenolol" as the next drug to add to the treatment plan.

      She mentioned bringing Chloe to her cardiologist - however, the cardiologist is a distance away, and Chloe is a very stressed-out traveler. I don't want to traumatize her any more than absolutely necessary, so for now I'll stick with the "regular" vet. The vet said she's happy to discuss and consult with the cardiologist regarding Chloe's meds/treatments - all positive.

      We're waiting for the results of the blood work - if Chloe's kidney levels are OK, she'll continue with the same 1/2 tab Lasix 2X per day for a few more days. The vet wants to eventually try to back off to a smaller dose if possible - but whatever dose keeps Chloe feeling well with a good respiration rate and no symptoms of the fluid buildup returning, is her recommendation.

      Again, it was a very positive visit and we're working together to keep Chloe as comfortable and stress-free as long as we can.

      We're taking it day by day...

      Many, many thanks for all your help and support - it's been a lifesaver!

      I'll post another update after I speak to the vet tomorrow.

      Suzanne and Chloe

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