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Re: [FH] Update 3 - Chloe's Day

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  • Dana McCormick
    Hi Suzanne,   2 different ER vets at my clinic missed diagnosing Fuzz s HCM. My vet practice is also the only 24 hr in our area. I took Fuzz on a Friday night
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 12, 2012
      Hi Suzanne,
      2 different ER vets at my clinic missed diagnosing Fuzz's HCM. My vet practice is also the only 24 hr in our area. I took Fuzz on a Friday night because he wasn't right, she said he had high white count and put him on Baytril & gave him fluids. I took him back on Sunday because he was no better. Different vet, I asked if we should do X-Ray (which would have showed the enlarged heart), I was told not necessary, she took him off the Baytril, gave more fluids and did blood work. When I came home from work Monday, he looked like death warmed over, took him back, saw the 1st vet and she said she was admitting him. I felt like saying "Ya think?" She took X-Ray, which showed the enlargement and the u/s was done the next day diagnosing HCM. So I know how you feel with multiple vets missing it.
      Fuzz hasn't seen a cardiologist because the nearest one is about 1.5 hrs away and he travels poorly. I don't want to kill him taking there. My vet is great, if I bounce something off her, she researches and gets back to me. She is pretty up on supplements and meds.
      Fuzz has also become Mr Fancy Feast!
      Good luck with Chloe,

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      Subject: [FH] Update 3 - Chloe's Day
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      Hi All...

      Again and again, many thanks to everyone helping me with Chloe - your support and guidance has been invaluable, and is definitely getting us through this tough time.

      I did not have to take Chloe to the ER - thank goodness! While Chloe wasn't interested in eating or drinking yesterday, she spent a event-free night sleeping quietly (snuggled up in her usual spot with my mother). Respiration good, and no yelling (something I've been telling my vet about for months).

      She ate a little bit of FF Salmon/Shrimp this AM and then took a leisurely stroll around my screened-in porch - something she has not been interested in doing since becomming ill. She seemed more "herself" - but still concerned with the eating problem, I headed to the supermarket for some different varieties of FF.

      FF Gravy Lovers Salmon did the trick - Chloe ate 2 small helpings - no cypro. How long she'll go for this I have no clue - but OK for today.

      Tomorrow is the big vet visit - with blood workup. If anyone can help me with what I should be asking her regarding medications, treatments, etc. I'd appreciate the input. I'm still trying to find a cardiologist somewhere in my area.

      I'm very interested in how the vet is going to explain missing Chloe's symptoms for a month+ at least. As I mentioned in my first note, I brought Chloe in on 10/12 saying something was wrong - again on 10/31 to unsuccessfully consult with the 2nd vet in the practice, finally on 11/5 when Chloe's serious symptoms were so obvious she had to do something - vet's first inclination was a hairball cough...I really want to know how many weeks, months, years??? has the HCM been overlooked????

      Thanks so much everyone,
      Suzanne and Chloe

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