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RE: Your thoughts on supplemental meds for cats with HCM

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  • joanne marbut
    Hi, My cat is on five meds: plavix, lasix, atenolol, enalpril,and spironolactone.  I suggest your cat may need all five as atenolol and enalapril keep bp
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 20, 2012

      My cat is on five meds: plavix, lasix, atenolol, enalpril,and spironolactone.  I suggest your cat may need all five as atenolol and enalapril keep bp down but attack the issue two different ways; atenolol keeps the heart beating slower; enalapril keeps the blood veins from constricting. Spironolactone keeps potassium in the body which the body and especially the kidneys need and it acts as an additional diuretic. 

      We also give her Valium which is the only psych drug an HCM cat can take. She was having out of the litter box issues.  When she needed pain meds, Buprenex was a safe choice, also.

      As for supplements, because lasix is a diuretic to get rid of fluid in the body and lungs especially, the cat can become dehydrated. We feed her only wet food, add water to it, and give her 3 ccs of eater by mouth three times a day.  Because last year she had hard stool that caused constipation due to dehydration (despite the extra water we give) we have used for a year now a fiber laxative. You can use psyllium or inulin-anything sugar free and I'd suggest flavor free. Being a cat, she gets a smidge mixed into food twice a day.   The laxative draws water into the colon, also acting as another way to rid the body of excess fluid.

      We also give COQ10. I really believe in COQ10.  I use Nature Made capsules that I pierce and mix part into her food and give part by mouth. I use the 100mg capsule per meal for three meals.  The heart makes COQ10 and needs it to be stronger.  Her heart measurements did improve three years ago after I began using it.  There is no research on animals and if they need it, therefore vets tend to ignore it. Use it anyway.  

      Do give the cat vitamins.Find a well rounded cat vitamin.  I use Excel vitamin paste and give an inch a day.  The drugs the cat is on tend to strip the body of nutrients. If you had cancer or a major illness or trouble with your heart, your doctor would put you on some sort of vitamins.  So, why not the HCM cat.

      And I give her-because of her urine issues-Methigel every other day (it's an urine acidifier and helps keep the ph low.)

      When she has hairballs, she gets Laxatone for a few days.  

      And finally, because her potassium blood level was low, she receives 1/4 of a 595 mg potassium tablet by mouth each day.  Again, the kidneys need potassium.  If your cat's blood work shows it is low on potassium or magnesium or any of the electrolytes, you should supplement it but slowly and see if the cat's blood levels improve with the next blood test.  

      L-taurine is added into commercial cat food and may not be necessary as a supplement. I'm not sure of the others.  I would be cautious about Fish Oil. Give COQ10 instead. Fish oil may lead to diahrea and may be more difficult to control the amount you give. Plus, the human study recently released showed no additional benefits over eating actual fish as the body doesn't process processed fish oil well. 

      Good luck!

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