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Your thoughts about supplemental meds for cats with HCM

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  • Anthony J. Guerrero Soto
    Hello –We are writing for your advice and thoughts about supplemental medication (e.g., conenzyme Q10) for cats with HCM. Pablo, our HCM kitty, is age 9 and
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 19, 2012
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      Hello �We are writing for your advice and thoughts about supplemental medication (e.g., conenzyme Q10) for cats with HCM.

      Pablo, our HCM kitty, is age 9 and has lived with HCM for 7 years. We have never added any supplemental medications to his standard medication regime (he is currently taking Plavix, Atenolol, and a thyroid medication). However, through this group, we learned that many do add various supplemental medications to your kitties� standard medication regime (e.g., baby aspirin, Plavix, Atenolol, Lasix, etc.) depending on his/her health status (e.g., pre or post CHF).

      Earlier this year, I asked the cardiologist about the pros and cons of popular supplemental medications, in addition to any adverse drug reactions, and/or when each supplemental medication is best used (e.g., pre or post CHF), etc. The cardiologist did not �recommend many nutriceuticals or supplements. Many of the drugs (see below) do not have established doses in cats. In addition, possible drug interactions with his current medications are impossible to predict.� Her response to specific supplemental medications that I asked were:

      � L-taurine: "this supplement is only helpful in dilated cardiomyopathy in cats, not hypertrophic cardiomyopathy"

      � Dandelion leaf: "I do not recommend using this as it can adversely affect the kidney, especially when used in combination with current cardiac medication"

      � Hawthorne Berry: "same as stated for Dandelion leaf"

      � Fish oil: "we use fish oil for our canine patients with advanced cardiac disease as this helps slow down muscle wasting. However, such muscle wasting does not occur in cats with heart disease. This also causes diarrhea in many patients."

      � Conenzyme Q10: "this supplement is helpful for vascular disease (coronary artery disease) in people. It is not proven to have any benefit in cats with HCM"

      � NuCat/Tabby Tabs tablets: "I cannot recommend the use of these products. I am not familiar with them at all. They contain too many ingredients to be able to predict any adverse effects or drug interactions. Most of the ingredients is basic stuff found in a daily vitamin. If he is eating a good diet, such items are unnecessary."

      What are your thoughts? Have you had the same reaction from your cardiologist(s) and/or regular vet(s)? If I remember accurately, some of you give your kitties Conenzyme Q10 daily. In your experience, does it matter on the cat's stage of HCM in terms of when you give a supplemental medication? Why or why not?

      As of today, Pablo has never had fluid in his lungs - therefore not taken Lasix or similar drugs. He was taking, until this year, Enalapril. His breaths are currently under 30 per minute. We record them about every other day or so.

      We really appreciate your thoughts to our questions � and thank you in general for the support and information. We do not feel alone anymore and find this group a valuable resource.

      Best thoughts and prayers to all --

      Anthony, James, and Pablo from Fort Worth, Texas

      P.S. The cardiologist is at the Vet Medicine Specialists of Dallas Fort Worth. http://www.vmsdfw.com/

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