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Re: Harley, 18, heart disease with multiple issues

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  • keycmv
    OMG - Harley s life parallels that of my Gump. CRF, hypo-T, and heart murmur. Gump was found by a friend in a box on the side of a road! He was with his
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      OMG - Harley's life parallels that of my Gump. CRF, hypo-T, and heart murmur.

      Gump was found by a friend in a box on the side of a road! He was with his sisters Babs and Margie. We adopted all three of them.

      Gump was 18 when we headed out on a Christmas RV trip, and he went into heart failure. We managed to get him back to our vet, thinking we were rushing to let him go peacefully. Gump declined that option and recovered fully after the use of Lasix to reduce the fluid around on his heart and a visit to the oxygen tent. They put him on benepril (heart), soloxine (hypo-T), and lasix (heart).

      Gump turned 19 last month and is still hanging!

      We will no longer giving him subQs, as the fluids can flood his heart. We make cat soup with his food by adding A LOT of water.

      On the occasion when he becomes dehydrated, we haul him into the vet for a carefully monitored IV drip.


      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "movieZombie" <ammello@...> wrote:
      > my Harley cat was diagnosed with cancer in january of this year and completed chemo in june. he seems to not be having issues re cancer at this time.
      > he is hypothroid.
      > he has kidney disease.
      > he receives various meds for his conditions.
      > he was getting subq every night but now receives it every other night.
      > in the past i was told he had heart disease but other than a murmur, nothing much was said.
      > to make a long story short, friday i was told there might be more serious issues based on symptoms and on recent x-rays. fluid was removed from his chest cavity at that time.
      > had him in for an ultrasound today and was told he needs to see a cardiologist because he has a thickened heart muscle. better than the mass that was thought to be a problem? not so sure....more fluid was removed from his chest cavity today.
      > he sees a cardiologist at 3p tomorrow [tuesday, 10/2/2012] and i think will have an echogram done then? or is that the same as an ultrasound that he had today?
      > what should i know prior to meeting the cardiologist?
      > what questions should i be asking?
      > i already know that the treatment for kidney disease is not good for heart disease and the reverse is also true.
      > Harley has had a long good run, imo. i found him along side a forest road one night 18 years ago. he was scrawny, starving, and full of fleas....the vet next day didn't think he would make it. but make it he did! he may be old and deaf he but deserves a "good" ending. i'm fearing that that may be difficult. my direct question to the vet today was along the lines of facing end of life issues....and the response was affirmative. until i see the cardiologist tomorrow i won't have a time frame for life expectancy. realistically, as i said, he's had a good run and i think his body is just tired.
      > any thoughts, ideas, suggestions, etc. would be greatly appreciated.
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