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Re: [FH] Dental surgery advice needed, Oreo has Hyper T w\ CRF~ worried

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  • June Jeffrey
    Hello Susan,   I m sorry to hear Oreo is having tooth problems and understand your concern. Last year I suspected dental problems with my 18 year old Daisy
    Message 1 of 5 , Sep 19, 2012
      Hello Susan,
      I'm sorry to hear Oreo is having tooth problems and understand your concern. Last year I suspected dental problems with my 18 year old Daisy (now 19) but thought she would be far too old for a dental. Things came to a head on a Saturday in April (just after her birthday) as she had been eating less and less and on that morning refused any breakfast. A visit to the vet (which has a dental unit) confirmed my fears. 
      I checked out all the information on Tanya's CRF website and posted to the list for additional suggestions.  One was to print it out the information to discuss with my vet beforehand and is exactly what I did.
      The vet suggested doing a blood test and if the results were reasonable consider doing the dental before things got any worse. Daisy was given a long lasting antibiotic and an injectable painkiller - Vetergesic (Buprenorphine) to try and make her more comfortable over the weekend and encourage her to eat. The vet rang me with the blood test results that afternoon and as they were considered reasonable for her age we made the decision to go for the dental the following Tuesday.
      The information on Tanya's CRF site regarding precautions for dental procedures and suggestions and support from fellow list members helped more than I can say. From these made I made a dental check list which I took with me on the day of the operation and I was able to show to and discuss with the vet, who was wonderful and very understanding of my concerns (Smudge, Fleur and Felix, Daisy's mother, sister and brother had all developed CRF and Smudge and Fleur had been given metacam in the past before I was aware of the issues with its administration in cats). I had already discussed most of the points during the initial consultation but having that checklist and final discussion helped me feel I had done absolutely everything I could to help my Baby Daisy. In case this is of any help details of the list I made are as follows:
      Dental Checklist
      ·IV fluids before the procedure as well as during and after
      ·Isoflurane or Sevoflurane to be used for anaesthesia
      ·Blood pressure and temperature to be monitored during and afterwards
      ·How will Daisy be kept warm during the procedure when Blood Pressure tends to drop and afterwards during recovery – heat pad?Understand being kept warm during procedure and afterwards is important. Vet said they used a heat pad to keep warm post operation, but being kept warm during the procedure was a good suggestion and they would do this with a portable heat pad.
      ·Antibiotic clindamycin (Antirobe) to be used for up to seven days afterwards
      ·NO METACAMto be given for pain relief - Daisy's records to be clearly marked with this
      ·Buprenorphine to be given if pain relief required.
      ·Any need to check for other jaw problems while under anaesthesia?
      Daisy had seven teeth removed, six of them double rooted and needed lots of TLC afterwards. We spent ten days going to the vet each day for antibiotic (Lincoject), and pain relief (Vetergesic) injections were also given for the first 7 days, to ensure she received a full course of antibiotics and could keep eating while her mouth healed.
      I know how worried you must be and how difficult a decision this is.  I too was terrified, but finally had to accept that the dental issues would only get worse if not addressed.
      The help and support from members of this group and Helen's website were invaluable and I hope my experience and this information will be of help to you and Oreo too.
      Keep us informed and am sending you and Oreo prayers and best wishes.
      June, Freddie and Daisy and Angels Felix, Smudge and Fleur

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      Subject: [FH] Dental surgery advice needed, Oreo has Hyper T w\ CRF~ worried


      I read the posts often, but really haven't posted much, I am usually on the CRF board. I could use some reassurance and advice. Just about 2 weeks ago, I noticed Oreo appetite slowing. He would eat half of what I gave him when normally, he eats it all. I just figured it was the roller coaster of the CRF. Then the more and more I observed him, I noticed he was having trouble actually eating. His food was flying out of his mouth (and he could ONLY eat Pate' style foods bcause of his past with bad teeth) and it looked as if it hurt to eat. So, he went to the vet yesterday and they confirmed his left canine is infected and the right is all swollen and full of tartar. They want to remove the left and probably the right. I am EXTREMELY nervous as we have done well to keep his CRF and hyper T stabilized. Recent bloodwork shows no change, creat is stabile at 3.5 and bun at 50, hct 30 all the rest are normal range. I have been putting his food in the blender and
      he has been eating it all, so that pretty much confirms it for me that it is for sure his teeth. He is in some pain, how much I don't know. My question is, do I take the risk to FINALLY get him out of pain or just keep putting his food in the blender and HOPE for the best. He is 16 and is my baby. I am waiting for the 2nd opinion to come in today, but his regular vet says she is optimistic and will do everything from giving him IV fluids before and b during surgery. She said he'd only be under 15~20 minutes at the most, but I'm terrified. There is always a risk of his kidneys shutting down. Please advise. Thank you. I will try to respond, but my only means of internet is thru my phone which doesn't reply that's compatible with this website. Thank you again.

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