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Re: [FH] New member, Sheena & kitty Grimm

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  • Westgold
    was that Dr Petrie you saw? He was the first cardiologist my Tigger saw -- he used to come up to Toronto a couple days a month to do echos. But now we have
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 1, 2012
      was that Dr Petrie you saw? He was the first cardiologist my Tigger saw --
      he used to come up to Toronto a couple days a month to do echos. But now we
      have our own cardiologist here. Ok, I don't know anything about hyperT, so
      forget what I said about the atenolol. Maybe it's the racing heart from the
      hyperT causing the fainting, and not the HCM. This is why you need a really
      good cardiologist!!!
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      > Hi,
      > I only have these words, which came from my vet. The cardiologist was a
      > visiting cardiologist to his office, so I left Grimm there with him &
      > picked him up later. He was originally booked at a cardiologists office,
      > but my vet wanted Grimm to be seen sooner. What I wrote there was exactly
      > what my vet told me. HyperT cats often have racing hearts, as far as I
      > know. I will try to get the fainting on video, but it's so unexpected,
      > happens quickly & then he's up again.
      > - Sheena & Grimm
      > On Wed, Aug 1, 2012 at 2:26 PM, Westgold <westgold@...> wrote:
      >> **
      >> welcome to the group nobody wants to join -- we will do everything we can
      >> to help you. Most of the kitties here are on atenolol, and it takes a
      >> few
      >> days to really start to work. But if he's fainting I wonder if atenolol
      >> is
      >> the right med for him? If the blood isn't pumping properly, I don't
      >> think
      >> you'd want to slow down the heart. What did the cardiologist say
      >> specifically? You need to get a video of one or more of his fainting
      >> episodes to show the cardiologist asap. Maybe someone else here has a
      >> kitty with hyperT who can advise you more ---
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      >> *Subject:* [FH] New member, Sheena & kitty Grimm
      >> Hi all,
      >> This will be the 4th Yahoo Group I've joined when dealing with cat health
      >> issues & they've always worked well for me, so I hope someone here can
      >> help
      >> make sense out of what's happening with my beautiful grey guy now...
      >> Grimm (16 years old & have had him since kittenhood) was recently
      >> diagnosed as Hyperthyroid. I'm already in that group. 2 weeks ago Grimm
      >> also started "fainting." Legs give up, down he goes, and remains
      >> conscious
      >> throughout. He has even fallen off of the sofa. It's quite distressing to
      >> watch. My vet took his blood pressure & it was normal, which worried him,
      >> because he usually sees BP of a hyperthyroid cat as registering higher...
      >> He heard a murmur & also heard an arrhythmia and booked a visit with the
      >> cardiologist for an echogram.
      >> Vet reported that the heart walls showed thickening, which is sometimes a
      >> result of being Hyperthyroid, but also showed a narrow heart valve. The
      >> vet
      >> said that the blood wasn't pumping well enough for his body & causing the
      >> fainting episodes. He was prescribed 1/4 pill daily of 25mg "Atenolol."
      >> Grimm also takes Methimazole for the hyper-t. Grimm got his second dose
      >> of
      >> Atenolol today... Still fainting...
      >> Here's the thing... He's "fainting" a few times daily. It's incredibly
      >> distressing. I don't even know what kind of questions to be asking my
      >> vet.
      >> I don't know how often a cat can have these episodes. I don't know how &
      >> when this medication kicks in and what to watch for...
      >> I need some advice here. I've known cats all my life, but this is a first
      >> & anything you can help with, or advise would be a good place to start.
      >> Grimm is on a diet of Merrick & Weluva wet.
      >> Thanks so much,
      >> Sheena & Grimm in NYC
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