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  • heatherwbowers@aol.com
    Thank You everyone! Ollie and I will find a Vet tomorrow. We moved to Mobile a few months ago. Don t have a Vet in the area, as of yet. So we will be
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      Thank You everyone!

      Ollie and I will find a Vet tomorrow. We moved to Mobile a few months
      ago. Don't have a Vet in the area, as of yet. So we will be checking
      different ones tomorrow, to see which one feels the most comfortable. I want to
      make sure he gets the best care. I love my precious boy, and want the best
      for him, he deserves it!

      A very kind soul who I don't even know personally, offered to help
      financially to get his initial exam, and what ever med's he will need. At this
      time, I can't afford the expensive test, such as a EKG, or Ultra Sound. I
      hope the Vet can tell what is wrong, with blood tests and an X-ray.

      Thanks for all your support! We will keep you updated.


      Ollie and Heather

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      Laurie is right. A cardiologist is the best way to go. Prednisone is
      dangerous for heart kitties, and a regular vet might just prescribe that without
      further testing. I would do a google search for board certified veterinary
      cardiologists in your area and then see if you can find reviews on that
      specific dr. Or ask your vet for a cardiologist in your area. Good luck and
      please keep us posted. This is a very supportive and informative group
      you've found

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      My Kitty Ollie, who is 16 years old, will actually be 17 on the 4th of
      July. I am very worried about him, so I thought this group might give us some
      insight on what is happening with him. My name is Heather, his Mama.

      Ollie has been having a little trouble, with breathing, first I thought it
      might be possible allergies, however he has never had allergies. He also
      has been coughing, stretching his neck as he coughs. Sometimes his heart
      beats faster than normally. He use to be a slender cat, but that is not the
      case anymore. He mainly lays around and sleeps alot. He still uses the litter
      box, eats, and drinks and grooms himself. I can hear a raspyness as he
      breathes. At first I thought maybe he had upper respitory infection. He does
      get a little liquid comming from his eyes. For the past few years, he has
      black junk in and artound his nose, and blackness in and around his gum line.

      I am very concerned for him, for he has never been sick in his whole life,
      minus fixing his bite wounds. He has been strictly a indoor cat now for
      the past couple of years. Any questions or advice are welcome!

      Ollie and Mama Heather


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