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Re: Benazapril

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      >Here's what I found at www.felinecrf.com:
      LoTensin or Fortekor (Benazepril hydrochloride  ACE Angiotension-Converting Enzyme inhibitor)
      There are current research projects targeted at slowing the progression of CRF with ACE inhibitors and calcium channel blockers which are normally used to treat heart conditions and high blood pressure in both feline and human patients.

      This info is outdated; these studies were completed 6 or 7 years ago.  There were a group of studies published a while back on benazepril, you can find them on pubmed.

      >Does anyone use Benazepril to lower blood pressure? I think this isn't the preferred drug for this. Any comments? I'm going to try posting on CRF too, this is a great question.

      It is not an effective anti-hypertensive in cats and dogs.  Amlodipine is the drug of choice.


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