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      The Feline Cardiomyopathy Consortium (FCC) has been formed by some the
      worlds top cardiologists, geneticists and research specialists and is
      focusing on HCM in cats. This note is to encourage all to participate by
      sending in DNA from your recently HCM screened cats.

      The FCC is currently focusing on the following breeds of cats: Maine Coon,
      Norwegian Forest Cat, Birman, British Shorthair, Siberian, Persian,
      Sphynx, Bengal, Ragdoll, Siamese, Others.

      Finally we have a low cost method in which we can participate in these
      studies. Buccal swabs can done by the owner with a Q-tip and mailed to
      one of these locations: In the US DNA can be sent to *Leslie A. Lyons*, *PhD
      in California* and in Europe the DNA can be sent to *Jens Häggström in
      Sweden. For more details on where to send samples, click here: *

      For more information on the project, visit this informative site:

      For this study all cats should have a current HCM scan. The FCC is looking
      for DNA samples on cats with HCM –or- cats age 3 years or older that have
      been screened for HCM. While I am not the owner of the
      http://www.feline-hcm.net I am happy to help get any answers you may have
      in regards to this study.

      Thanks and have a wonderful day!

      PS - permission to share!!!!!!


      *Melissa Alexander***

      *Into Wishin' NFC* | www.iwcats.com | melissa@...

      T: +1 508.415.9406


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