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Re: [FH] Oscar isn't up to snuff.....

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  • Laurie Stead
    Karen, I am so sorry you are going through so much at once.  Your story of what happened with Oscar is identical to what happened with my Boo, also a Russian
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 19, 2012

      I am so sorry you are going through so much at once.  Your story of what happened with Oscar is identical to what happened with my Boo, also a Russian Blue.  She was diagnosed in Nov after suffering CHF, and was hospitalized for several days in oxygen.  I have been so fortunate in that Boo takes her pills like a champ, she actually begs for them.  If Oscar is not interested in food this may not work but figured I'd throw it out there.  I use a small portion of a pill pocket with one of Boo's favorite crunchy treats.  I use just enough of the pill pocket to cover the pill and have a sticky base to attach a crunchy treat.  She loves the treats so gobbles it down, pill and all. 

      I sure hope Oscar begins to be interested in food again.  Keep us posted.

      Laurie and Boo

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      Subject: [FH] Oscar isn't up to snuff.....
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      Hope you guys don't mind I've been a silent lurker here since September. I have 2 Russian Blue-mix brothers that just turned 10 years & Oscar almost died in August without me knowing he was seriously ill.

      Oscar is the sweet one and has always been smaller than his ornery brother, Felix. My ex-vet told me about 2 years ago both boys has slight heart murmurs, but not to worry unless they started to have trouble breathing. I knew nothing about HCM & trusted her.

      Oscar never had hairballs & gave a single odd gag/wheeze sound on a Sunday. I don't have a job, so I was home the next day when the same thing happened. I'd already switched to an awesome (much more expensive, but worth it!) vet & called. They got us in that afternoon, but I thought I was overreacting & expected to be told it was seasonal allergies.

      She was concerned immediately from what she heard & grew more so when she saw xrays. She got the clinic owner in to look (he has a great reputation too) & he agreed with what she thought. My little guy carried his fluid only in the sac around the heart & it was full! She immediately made calls to a cardiologist next to an emergency hospital close by. I was to take him there immediately & the cardiologist agreed to come back in after hours. I had to leave him at the hospital & they said she was on her way back in, but they needed time to assess/treat him properly. There were great about communicating/updating me through the night.

      It was serious congestive heart failure & everyone said he would have died that night if I hadn't acted. They performed what I now know is predictable treatment. He was on oxygen & she removed the fluid.

      His heart disease was quite advanced & they weren't optimistic. He HATED being pilled & started hiding from us & stopped eating. I had him hospitalized & they couldn't find any reason for him to stop eating, other than he was upset/stressed about pilling. The cardi said many cats do not take to meds well & I should be prepared. I took him home & experimented with so many low sodium foods to give him with the lasix & enalapril crushed in them. I tried baby food, peanut butter, pill pockets, compounded flavored meds in liquid form. He even hated the syringed liquids in flavors! Then I stumbled upon Pinnacle canned food & he loved it! I happily ground the pills every 12 hours & mixed in the canned food.

      Recently he's become picky- he won't eat the entire portion of canned food (and its small!) so he's not getting all his meds. He loves cheese, so I just bought cheese to soften in a ball with med inside. Doesn't seem to like cheese now. The cardi wants me upping his lasix, but I can't even get the existing amount in him consistently now. He meows like he's hungry, eats a bit, then walks away, just to repeat. Could he be losing his sense of smell or taste? I am so frustrated & I'm struggling to come up with something I haven't tried. He won't go near CardioStrength now & I think it was helping him.

      Is this typical with HCM?

      To make matters worse, my spouse is having a mid-life crisis & we're separated. And Oscar's brother, Felix, recently saw the cardi- I knew it was a 50/50 chance- he does have some thickening, but she doesn't think he needs any meds yet. I'll have him re-checked in 4- 6 months.

      No human kids, so these are my babies. I see so much love in this group- for each other and our pets.

      Sigh- any ideas/suggestions welcomed by this Texan.


      Promise my subsequent posts won't be novels!


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