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How To Train Kitties To Newspapers

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  • Westgold
    Hi everybody! I have had so many requests for the method I used to train my kitties to use newspapers in their litter boxes, I decided just to post it to the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 3, 2012
      Hi everybody! I have had so many requests for the method I used to train my
      kitties to use newspapers in their litter boxes, I decided just to post it
      to the whole list. Feel free to pass it along.

      Here is how I trained my cats to use newspapers in their
      boxes. First, I got them used to the feel and smell of paper by using
      Yesterday's News litter for about a week.

      Then I stuck a full section of the newspaper underneath a little bit of the
      Yesterday's News. They clawed and ripped at it, but that's ok. Each time
      someone went, I changed the whole thing. Then I eliminated the Yesterday's
      News altogether, and instead, ripped some paper strips
      to put on top of the plain sections of the paper. I sprinkled a little (a
      couple tablespoons) of regular clay litter on top of the paper strips. This
      they loved.

      I placed a few sections of the paper into the bottom of the litterboxes.
      I ripped a few thin strips of newspaper from a whole section, and shake them
      to fan
      them out, and placed them on top of the newspaper sections. Then I sprinkled
      a little litter on top. (If they only have a b.m., you can replace only the
      top section with a clean one, but when they urinate, it goes all the way

      Eventually I stopped putting the litter there completely. They love the
      clean newspaper, and the
      newspaper strips give them something to "bury" their stuff with. When I
      first set up this system, they used to dig and rip into the newspapers, but
      after a while they stopped doing this. Now they just go, and scrape the
      little pile of strips on top of their mess. Sometimes, they
      don't even do that, but just leave the box immediately after going.

      I have tried removing the paper strips, but my
      little guys don't really like just the plain bare newspaper sections.
      (However, I do know other people who just put in the plain sections, and the
      kitties love them. If you want to try to achieve this, start up the system
      the way I did, and then slowly lessen the amount of strips and litter, until
      there's nothing on top of the newspaper sections.)

      Each time somebody goes, I remove everything and put it into a
      plastic bag. Then I replace the sections & strips.
      It just takes a minute. But many times I forget, and they will use the
      box more than once without any problem, even if the paper is quite wet.

      Each morning, I rinse the boxes thoroughly with cold water before I replace
      the paper. This kills any odors that soaked through the newspapers.
      Twice a month I wash all the litter boxes in the dishwasher (one per load,
      top rack) to sterilize them.

      My 2 current kitties (who, by the way, are not the least bit spoiled) have
      their own bathroom, so I put three large litter boxes into the tub, they
      fit in the tub just perfectly. I also have one on the floor, from
      when I had a cat with arthritis who couldn't get into the tub to use
      the ones in there. But my 2 really like the one on the floor, and I
      keep it there. With 4 boxes and 2 cats, they have plenty of places
      to go.

      We have been doing this for about 16 years. When Pooh was first
      suspected of having diabetes, it was so easy to get a urine sample
      from him. I just taped a piece of Saran Wrap on top of his newspapers,
      and he went right on it. And when I needed to test his urine with a strip,
      it was easy.

      I like this system because I got so sick of the litter dust on everything
      everywhere. No matter WHAT they say on the package, ALL litters
      have dust in them. Even the Yesterday's News, and the wheat, etc --
      it's paper or wheat dust instead of clay, but it's still dust that gets
      all over everything. We are not meant to breathe in dust of any kind,
      it's just not healthy for our lungs or our kitties' little lungs either.
      And newspapers are cheap (or free) and plentiful.

      I do not recommend that breeders train their babies to papers
      in the box, however. Always train kittens to conventional clay
      litter. You wouldn't want them going to their new home and
      immediately using Dad's morning paper to do their thing.


      Tourmaline Scottish Folds, Toronto
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