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Re: [FH] HCM & Ondansetron

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    Susan _jknsk2002@yahoo.com_ (mailto:jknsk2002@yahoo.com) writes: My
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      Susan _jknsk2002@..._ (mailto:jknsk2002@...) writes: <<I
      have read here that there are side effects of Ondansetron in these heart

      My HCM kitty, Jesse (who has allegedly progressed to RCM), has
      :::occasional::: vomiting (not regurgitating) episodes, and I've been trying to track
      down any references to ondansetron being contraindicated for HCM cats.

      Currently, he is on vet-prescribed Pepcid (2.5mg once a day) in addition to
      enalapril (2.5mg daily) and aspirin (20mg twice a week). The Pepcid is, of
      course, really not all that effective against the vomiting of partially
      digested food, and I'm considering switching to ondansetron, which I've been
      using on another of my cats (non-cardio) for quite some time without any
      apparent adverse side effects.

      I have heard, mostly by anecdotal inferences, that there may be some issue
      in giving ondansetron to heart kitties.

      Do you (or anyone) have any additional information and/or specific
      references I can check out in this regard before I talk to Jesse's cardiologist
      about the possibility of putting him on ondansetron?

      Thanking you in advance.....


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