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  • Judi Levens
    Dear Diane; I am so sorry to hear of Peanut s passing...she was with you for such a good long time you truly had something special. I think we get so close
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 4, 2012
      Dear Diane; I am so sorry to hear of Peanut's passing...she was with you for such a good long time you truly had something special. I think we get so close to our older cats, especially when they are sick, and they are very aware of all that we do for them. When I lost Max last year I was devastated, but also aware that it was his time to go...now, a year later, I can let myself think about it a little without immediately crying...what I do know is that he will always be right there with me, and that Peanut will always be right there with you too.I hope you will be comforted knowing that you did everything possible for her and that she knew you loved her.Big hugs...Judi and Angel Max

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      I posted this on Feline CRF Support, and on Feline Anemia, but am also placing it here in case anyone was wondering about Peanut's progress... Thank you to all who have sent their condolences; it means so much to experience the concern and compassion that is shared.

      Peanut struggled the past two months with the many health issues nature endows on our elderly pets. She was a trooper, always telling me to keep on trying; that she was doing her best to get better. But her body gave up before her spirit did, and she passed in my arms on Thursday (March 1st) surrounded with love and all the comfort I could give her. When our vet administered the sedative to insure her peaceful passing, it was enough for her body to slip over the edge; and I know she took her last breaths knowing she was loved beyond measure, and that it was okay to go. Her pain is over, and mine --with effort-- will pass with time.

      I could never have had the last 4 years of her companionship without the help of all of the wonderful, caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable people on these groups. I cannot thank you all enough. The group wisdom found here far exceeds what a vet alone seems to be able to provide. With two more babies still needing help, I will not go far, but will take a break for a while to grieve for my beloved Peanut.

      Missing her so much already,


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      > This is an update on Peanut who has CRF, Hyperthyroid, Hypertension, and now Anemia. We started Peanut on Epogen last Friday (2/10), because I just wasn't seeing any improvement from the B-vitamins and iron. Given her medical problems of CRF and Hyperthyroid...it's a pretty safe bet that she's non-regenerative, and we didn't think she'd survive the wait to test. I threw the dice, so we'll see what happens.....

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