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Re: [FH] 10 y.o. Cat Has A "Gallop"

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  • nyppsi@aol.com
    Lyn _elfinmyst@aol.com_ (mailto:elfinmyst@aol.com) writes:
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 26, 2012
      Lyn _elfinmyst@..._ (mailto:elfinmyst@...) writes: <<Sydney has
      what my Chloe and Toby have, a gallop/murmur only shown under stress. It is
      caused by the valve moving 'flappily' or too quickly when the heart is
      under stress. There's no disease associated with it and it
      shouldn't affect life expectancy at all.>>

      Thanks, Lyn.

      That's an enormous relief for me (and Sydney).


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