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Re: [FH] At the crossroads, need advice

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  • CYezer
    Dear Diane, Sorry if someone has already mentioned this but the only way I know to get the peace of mind you need right now is to go ahead and take your peanut
    Message 1 of 6 , Feb 6, 2012
      Dear Diane,
      Sorry if someone has already mentioned this but the only way I know to get
      the peace of mind you need right now is to go ahead and take your peanut to
      the cardiologist asap. The drive will be hard on your peanut, but at this
      point it seems important, especially since your cat might have the chance
      to get the health issues causing the cardio problem under control. on a
      personal level it also seems like you need to do this to take care of your
      own anxiety about this situation.
      If you can't go the 4 hours, then you just cant, and no one is going to
      criticize you for that - nor is anyone going to criticize you for
      euthanizing your sweetie if you determine that to be the best thing in his
      interest. But if this is just a matter of needing someone to give you then
      support you need to go take that drive, then you've got it here.

      There are two issues here. First, without the cardio's input, the best
      you or anyone can do to tell you how to go is guess - including your vet
      who is not equipped to handle cardio issues. A regular vet is going to
      recommend euthanasia because they are at the limit of what they can analyze
      in your kitty -- so given that that may be the best that they can offer.

      Second, there is something very positive about your situation that you
      might not be aware of. This is that you have an identifiable underlying
      cause rfor the heart trouble: hyperthyroidism and hypertension. Unlike
      most of us on this list, who have cats with heart conditions with no
      identifiable cause, kitties who have problems causing the cardiomyopathy
      have the possibility of halting or really slowing down the heart disease by
      addressing these underlying issues. Im no vet but from what I've
      researched it seems that both of which can be addressed with medication. It
      might be hard to address with contraindicated renal issues, but there is a
      chance, and you have one solution available to you.

      Not everyone has the time to make huge trip like this, so obviously you may
      be limited. Whatever you decide you are obviously a very loving cat owner,
      so I know you will figure out the best for your peanut.
      Good luck to you all!

      On Fri, Feb 3, 2012 at 1:41 PM, DH <dianelharrell@...> wrote:

      > **
      > Dear group,
      > My Peanut was diagnosed with kidney disease, hyperthyroidism, and
      > hypertension 4 years ago. She is now 19-years-old, and was getting sub-q
      > fluids every other day (in addition to her methimazole, amolodipine,
      > phosphorus binder and more).
      > Six days ago, she was put on Lasix, 12.5 mg BID, due to pleural and
      > abdominal fluid build up. At that time, judging by xrays, the doc said the
      > fluid was not in her lungs, but there is obviously some heart condition at
      > play. Her BUN and Creatinine were high at that time (BUN 85, Creatinine
      > 5.8), but I had stopped her sub-q's four days previously, suspecting fluid
      > build-up. Her temperature was sub-normal at 98-something.
      > Today, after restarting sub-q's six days ago(now 100 ml on a daily basis)
      > and adding the Lasix, her pleural effusion is worse, and the doc says he
      > now sees fluid in the lungs. Her temperature has dropped to 96-something.
      > He rechecked her kidney values (BUN 68 and Creatinine 5.6)and does not feel
      > there would be any benefit in doing a thoracocentesis to remove fluids or
      > putting her on enalapril for her heart, based on the kidneys and low body
      > temp. He says these are signs of the body shutting down, and recommends
      > euthanasia.
      > Unfortunately, the only feline cardiologist is 4 hours away.
      > I don't want to put her through unnecessary and/or painful procedures if
      > there is no hope, but how do I know? Is it worth the risk and cost of
      > draining the fluids to give her a chance to 'start over' with the
      > enalapril? If I lower her LRS or stop them completely in order to help her
      > body 'dry out', is there a chance she can recover from likely higher kidney
      > numbers? At 19 years of age, should I just say "it's time" and give up? Her
      > heart may be failing, but mine is breaking.
      > Please, any advice or suggestions are needed.
      > Diane and Peanut

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