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    Hi, thank you for your note. Sorry I wasn t clear. He is still on Lasix and the Spironolactone was just added. He seems to be holding his own right now. Tim
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 22, 2012
      Hi, thank you for your note. Sorry I wasn't clear. He is still on Lasix and
      the Spironolactone was just added. He seems to be holding his own right now.

      Tim Meeker


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      Is there a reason why your Vet doesn't have you using Lasix w/Sammy?
      Spironolactone isn't as effective as Lasix in getting fluid out of the
      lungs. Usually they prescribe Lasix and then add on Spironolactone if
      needed. Spironolactone is a potassium sparing diuretic and usually used
      with a cat with CRF.

      Lasix is better at removing fluid in the lungs and spironolactone is better
      at removing fluid elsewhere.

      I sure wish you the best with your Sammy. Keep us informed so we can support

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      Yes he has had an ultrasound (twice). He definitely has Cardiomyopathy. He
      is now also on Spironolactone (another diuretic) and I am anxiously waiting
      to see if this helps keep the fluid under control. Thanks for your interest
      and support.

      Tim Meeker

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      Tell us more: what is the diagnosis so far, have you had time to do an

      I'm so sorry you're both having such a hard time. Keep us updated and let us
      know how you're doing too.

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      > Hi, I'm new to the group and struggling with my friend of 16 years (Sammy)
      being diagnosed with heart problems. He has been losing weight and fluid has
      been building in his abdomen. The vet drained 300ccs last week and he is
      there right now for further testing and additional fluid tapping. His heart
      rate today was 240 even though last week it was only 160. He is on Lasix and
      Enalapril. He is getting worse although he still seems ok much of the time
      though he no longer plays or is very active. I do not want him to suffer. I
      have always waited too long (judged in retrospect) with my other animals and
      I struggle with what else to do. Thank you for listening.

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