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Bpm 48. Bloodwork is good. Confused.

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  • Banu Korgul
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 6, 2012
      > Hello all,
      > Since aslan's breathing got worse, we had a bloodwork done today.
      > His Na, K, Cl, TP, glucose, liver values are within range.
      > He has a bit high cholesterol and a twice the upper limit amylase..
      > Other then that bun is 60 when the limit is 30.
      > But the strange thing is that for the first time in 2 years, his crea is back to 2.1 (upper limit also 2.1) .. Dec 14 it was 3.4... Is that even possible???
      > Since dec 14 he was on 15-20mgs of lasix.. No iv s or sub q s were given... I am confused...
      > His bpm is 48...
      > I dont know why...
      > They suspected fluid in the abdomen but they are not sure...
      > I am so alone in here... 2 vets and a cardio prof.. A lot of care but still no result...
      > Thanks
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