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Raisin, hello

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  • Cher Paul
    Hello all, We re new here; been lurking for a few months. Here s a brief overview of my boyz, and I ll post a question soon: Rum and Raisin are brothers, Maine
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2011
      Hello all,

      We're new here; been lurking for a few months. Here's a brief overview of my
      boyz, and I'll post a question soon:

      Rum and Raisin are brothers, Maine Coone cats, 15 years old this month.
      Raisin has had some serious health issues. Rum is a bit larger and heartier,
      but has minor version of most everything Raisin has. Both were ~22lb at
      peak, and are ~19 now; both are big-framed cats. At their peak, Rum was a
      bit overweight but not much; Raisin was a bit more overweight. The point is,
      neither were those ginormous cats you see pictures of; they were just big
      cats who should have been a pound or two lighter.

      <> They both have the bladder thingy, well controlled with Rx diet for a
      number of years until a few years ago, when other issues required they go
      off the high-sodium Rx bladder diet. Raisin transitioned to a kidney diet
      (more on that later), Rum to a senior diet (RC Mature WK dry), with no
      further bladder issues.

      <> Raisin began having seizures in 2004, and they are well controlled with
      generic keppra and phenobarbitol. No seizures for ~3 years (off the top of
      my head). I keep him on the meds, tho, because I will not risk the damage to
      his heart from a gran mal seizure. But cats have other, more minor
      neurological symptoms (e.g., over-grooming).

      <> Rum had high blood pressure, which we discovered quite accidentally. We
      took him off the high-sodium bladder Rx diet, and the blood pressure has
      been normal ever since.

      <> Raisin had an episode of congestive heart failure (CHF) ~2.75 years ago,
      treated with lasix injections and the oxygen box, from which he recovered
      completely. No lasting effects, no requirement for meds.

      <> Raisin has chronic renal failure (CRF). He was already on Rx renal diet
      (as noted above), so we simply monitored. When the time came to begin
      sub-cutaneous fluids, we began slowly; he received less than the vet
      recommended because I just found myself resistant (for reasons I did not
      understand). He had another episode of CHF after only 4 weeks of sub-Q
      treatments. Another stint in the oxygen box and more lasix, and no more
      sub-Q fluids. He has not recovered completely from this bout.

      <> Between the joint and bone issues of Big Cats, and the heart disease and
      blood pressure, the boyz get low-dose aspirin. I don't recommend this
      without GREAT care; aspirin is extremely dicey for cats; that's why I'm not
      going into detail about dosing. It's a decent risk for these boys because of
      their medical issues, and their size can manage it.

      <> They have both always drunk lots of water, even as kittens before any
      health issues showed up.

      <> Rum continues on RC Mature WK dry, and won't touch anything else. Period.
      Raisin now gets meals that are 1/2 Hill's k/d wet and 1/2 something else
      that approaches renal values, mixed together with a little water added.

      So. Raisin still wants to be here. He gets up the stairs several times a
      day. He enjoys his food; eats drinks poops pees; brings me toys; asks for
      attention; purrrrrrs. So I'm helping him stay with us as long as he wants

      Thanks, folks. I'll post my question momentarily.

      Cher and the Boyz
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