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Re: [FH] sorry but a little urgent Lab questions - Breathing problems

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    Banu,  So sorry about Aslan - My Yuki has chronic congestive heart failure - the only thing that helps her breathing is one 12.5 mg lasix pill at 7am and one
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       So sorry about Aslan - My Yuki has chronic congestive heart failure - the only
      thing that helps her breathing is one 12.5 mg lasix pill at 7am
      and one .20 ml salix (furosemide)  injection 12 hours later at 7 pm.  Sometimes
      if she has been well I will bring the injection down to .18 or so.  Some
      cats do not respond to the oral furosemide (lasix)  so they need some injection.
      I tried one 12.5 mg lasix pill morning and evening and she still went into CHF.
      I think you need to up your lasix to at least every 12 hours and if the pills
      dont work for you - you may need to learn how to inject Aslan to keep

      him out of heart failure.  Dont go by my Yukis dosages - but I think you need to
      go up on your dosages a little at a time so that Aslan can breath.
      Again Im no expert - but when Yuki goes into CHF - and she has already had her
      dose - i will give her another .10 ml injection.  If  another
      1/2 hour goes by and she is still struggling - I will give her another .10
      injection.  Injectible lasix is very fast acting and I have seen Yuki go
      from struggling to playing in  to 15 minutes.  You must make sure Aslan has
      plenty of liquids.
      Try the water from low salt tuna - and add some extra water:  Here is the recipe
      I use:
        I buy low sodium tuna in water at the grocery store - smaller stores may not
      carry it. I then add the can of tuna and juice and just as much water (distilled
      or spring water) into a tupperware (or such) containter.  Mix it up so the
      regular water gets the tuna juice flavor and store this in the fridge. Then
      before taking some out and serving to Yuki (usually 1/2 cup at a time for a
      serving) - I heat it in the micro for 12 seconds on high to get it a little
      warmer than room temp so it gets slightly more aromatic and a little
      stinky.  Then I take some salt substitute (one of those brands in a shaker) that
      you get at the grocery (for people who cannot have salt.) Try to get a brand
      that only has potassium chloride and not a lot of other ingredients.  I
      supplement for Yuki  because of the hefty dose of lasix that Yuki is on because
      the lasix takes potassium out of her system.  I shake the salt substitute about
      4 times on each 1/2 cup serving of tuna/water.  The tuna water helps with
      dehydration as well. You can probably find some salt substitue with very few
      ingredients in the baking isle at your larger grocery store.

      Hope this helps  - let me know of any questions.
      Maureen and Yuki 

      From: Banu Korgul <banukorgul@...>
      To: fh <feline-heart@yahoogroups.com>; crf <Feline-CRF-Support@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Tue, November 1, 2011 8:53:16 PM
      Subject: [FH] sorry but a little urgent Lab questions - Breathing problems

      Hello All,
      Aslan (my rescue stray, age probably 12+, neuthered male, with CRF and Left
      Dilated Cardiomyopathy) is going to have a blood test in 9hrs.
      I know the main numbers to check like crea and BUN for the kidneys,
      the liver values,
      the CK for the heart,
      and thyroid levels (will be checked for the first time)
      are there any numbers that I am missing?
      this needs to be a broad check because he may not be strong enough for another
      blood draw next month. The last was 2,5 months ago. 
      Tonight, his breathing is not good. It was not good last Thursday and I did not
      sleep until the morning when the vet came and did a 10mg lasix injection. It
      made him feel better. On the same day I purchased an oxygen tube but he does not
      accept to be near it. There are no oxygen tent suppliers here. I saw one at the
      vets, which is like a clear plastic tent with zippers around it. But we can not
      take him to the vets because he gets more stressed and that makes his breathing
      Its again night time in here and I am looking at him with worried eyes.
      His breathing is not very bad now but still I am afraid I'll go to sleep and not
      hear him go in resp. distress.
      For those of you who are experiemced: Can he go worse in hours? Should I be on
      top of him, or should I turn off the lights and try to sleep so that he sleeps
      Honestly I am not asking to relieve myself and go to sleep, but I am asking
      because I do not want to disturb him...
      Tomorrow I will try to wrap his carrier in plastic and try to make a tent out of
      And I had purchased a 5lt tube. I think I need a 10lt one, am I correct? Does
      anyone have any experience with them? I am supposed to use it for 2x 15 min a
      day at level 5 out of 10. And I think for me to be able to go through the night
      (refills are done during the day), I would need a 10lt tube.
      It is such a horrible thing to watch, I am helpless.
      I rescued a lot of animals, in Us, in Turkey... I saw so many die at the vets.
      But almost none at my house. (I had one 7day old kitten die in my house, and
      that had rocked me off for some time.) But Aslan is my boy. He is with me for
      almost 2 years now. We sleep on the same bed. Its so much worse to see him like
      this. The vets here are not qualified. I constantly read articles and journals,
      I probably know more then most about CRF and CHF.

      On the other hand, and on top of this, I see sorrow and helplessness every day
      at my volunteer work. I am a young computer engineer with an ms. degree. I quit
      work last month and am only doing volunteer work now. But because I see cruelty
      and sickness and death every day, I am too sad to function anymore. I am so
      tired of being sad. I can't sleep at night, I sleep at day time when someone
      else can monitor Aslan. The fact that I am like this makes me more sad, I am
      half the man I used to be. I really do not know how I will cure.
      Sorry I vented there:(
      I am looking forward for any advise about the bloodwork and the respiration
      I will post his numbers when the results are in.
      Thank you.
      The fact that I have these groups to turn to is a big support. Really.
      Banu from Istanbul, Turkey 

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