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Re: [FH] Leo's ordeal

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  • Shelleee12@aol.com
    Hi Henna, Sorry to hear about Leo s ordeal! When my boys were about a year old whenever we had to take them to the vet they would stress and do that open
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      Hi Henna,

      Sorry to hear about Leo's ordeal! When my boys were about a year old
      whenever we had to take them to the vet they would stress and do that open
      mouth, horrid breathing and at a certain point start gasping for breath. They
      also would do that if you played with a laser light or feather toy. One
      time after a vet visit they both started to breath like that and I turned
      around to take them back to the vet. The vet agreed it was abnormal but felt
      getting them home and settled would be best and they were fine once home.
      When we relocated over two hours away it was quite an ordeal and I did my
      best to keep them calm.

      Not sure if it was due to them having heart conditions that we were unaware
      of at that time (after all this disease doesn't develop over night) or
      that some kitties over stress.

      In any case, I'm with you on this one....unless he absolutely has to go I
      would keep him home. Besides you are much more knowledgeable about your
      Leo and this condition than most of the vets you have seen there! In Stuarts
      final weeks my handsome vet and the Cardiologist did all treatment and med
      adjustments via phone as they did not want to stress him. Even when I
      thought he was "cured" after starting meds and being his old self again and
      wanting a new ultrasound of his heart to prove this my vet never got my hopes
      up but didn't burst my bubble either by telling me that yes, in a few weeks
      we'll bring him back for a repeat ultrasound. He knew Stuart wouldn't be
      here a few weeks and wanted him home and comfortable until the end.

      When it comes time to move him I would still do it one kitty at a time or
      buddy him with a very calm one. I also used some calming spray that I
      purchased from my vet. For Neil (the crazy scared one) it worked. For Stuart
      it worked some.

      Good luck Henna! Give Leo a kiss for me!

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      leowempu@... writes:

      Hi people,

      Wanna hear a horror story? Leo (RCM + unidentified lung disease) has been
      doing well at home since his diagnosis in February. His breathing has
      usually been under 30 with some episodes of about 35. Today I made a huge
      mistake and took him in for a follow-up.

      They did have news for me: his LA is now enormous instead of just being
      huge as before.

      That's okay. But then he had a crisis and started to breathe open mouth,
      when we were supposed to leave. It looked horrendous. Breaths shot up to
      over 60... He looked like he was dying. We ended up staying there for five
      hours - Leo in a temporary oxygen tent made out of his carrier. They gave him
      three shots of lasix. One ER vet wanted to have him hospitalized in an
      oxygen tank, the internist thought he'd be better off home. When his breathing
      came down to 40, we could leave.

      We came home, I opened the carrier door, he came out, went to pee, ate,
      checked out the place and showed interest in playing with a toy. He and his
      breathing seem fine now, I know his heart is anything but fine though. So
      that's it, no more vet appointments for him. They are willing to provide us
      with phone prescriptions for a year. Considering the facts, I think that'll
      be plenty enough :-(.

      Henna & Baby-boy Leo

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