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Re: [FH] Constipation and Congestive Heart Failure - helpful group and website

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  • Patricia Crawford
    I would highly recommend the Feline megacolon list. There are members who have cats that do not have megacolon but suffer from chronic constipation. I have
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      I would highly recommend the Feline megacolon list. There are members who have cats that do not have megacolon but suffer from chronic constipation. I have found members' advice and the files very helpful. It is not the group for discussion of IBS or IBD however.


      On the CRF list, one of the members has put together an excellent website on constipation as it plagues so many cats with chronic renal failure.

      Felineconstipation.org: http://felineconstipation.org/index.html

      This is the section on treatment for acute constipation:

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      From: Westgold <westgold@...>
      Date: Saturday, October 8, 2011 3:41 am
      Subject: Re: [FH] Constipation and Congestive Heart Failure
      To: kobeysd <kobeysd@...>, feline-heart <feline-heart@yahoogroups.com>

      > Welcome to the group that nobody wants to join. I hope we
      > can help you. I have no experience at all with the things
      > you are asking. But it sounds like you're doing everything
      > right. You can try adding plain canned pumpkin -- that is
      > excellent fiber. Many cats love the taste and will lick it right
      > up off a plate or your finger. All I can say is that I
      > heard Dr Oz say last year that many people are found dead in the
      > bathroom, because their straining to have a bowel movement
      > caused plaque or clots to move around, and cause
      > blockages. So I would say that it is very important to do
      > whatever you can to help poor Kobey with his constipation.
      > I don't know if there's a yahoogroup for feline constipation,
      > but there might be -- there's one for almost everything
      > else. You can search there, and also google feline +
      > constipation.
      > take care -- Michelle & Tigger Too in Toronto
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      > From: kobeysd
      > To: feline-heart@yahoogroups.com
      > Sent: Friday, October 07, 2011 6:57 PM
      > Subject: [FH] Constipation and Congestive Heart Failure
      > I am new to this group. My 9 year old cat, Kobey, was
      > diagnosed with moderate HCM last November during a routine
      > physical and subsequent cariology ultrasound. He had no symptoms
      > so was not on any medications. On Sunday I noticed him breathing
      > quickly and listened to his breathing and could hear gurgling. I
      > rushed him to the emergency vet and they stabilized him with
      > oxygen, lasix and some other stuff. He had another Cardiology
      > ultrasound Wednesday. It is now severe heart disease and
      > congestive heart failure. He is on lasix, vasotec, baby aspirin
      > and a stool softener. I am to start him on plavix next week. He
      > doesn't have clots yet but there were shadows on the ultrasound.
      > He seems stable for now. My concern is his constipation. The
      > xrays at the emergency vet showed a lot of stool in there. Vet
      > doesn't want to give him an enema due to the heart. I am giving
      > him more canned food with some vegetable oil in it, stool
      > softeners twice a day, warm milk and laxatone. I have to watch his
      > diet as he had crystals and is on prescription food. Does
      > anyone have any suggestions as to what else I can do for him? He
      > doesn't seem stressed or uncomfortable and the stool softener
      > says it can take up to 72 hours to work. That would be today. He
      > has had a few really small extremely hard poops. Nothing else.
      > He is eating good now but wasn't Sunday, Monday or Tuesday.
      > Thanks for your help! Deborah
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