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Re: [FH] steroid debate one last time

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  • christine french
    Yes I agree that they do have a place in medicine,but that they have to be administered with such care,if have to be used! I also agree that tablets better
    Message 1 of 11 , Aug 29, 2011
      Yes I agree that they do have a place in medicine,but that they have to be administered with such care,if have to be used!
      I also agree that tablets better than shots as cam moniter response.
      Karma got a month long injection n it continued to cause damage for that month n vet cudnt do anything to stop it.
      It was horendous.
      But we are all mindful of our cats here n watch how things affect them n do what we can to help.
      Christina n karma

      On Sun, 28 Aug 2011 23:31 BST harris.rose@... wrote:

      >Well we were going to end this discussion but I'll say one more thing. All cats are different. I hate using steroids but if my cat is not eating and suffering and I've tried everything else, you bet I'm going to try steroids.
      >One thing I won't use is the steroid shots. With them you can never tell exactly what the steroid level is at any one time, so I always use pills. BUT if I had a cat I couldn't handle you bet I'd try the shot.
      >So it's very individual. Steroids do have their place but we have to be informed and careful and observant when using them. Yes there have been bad results on steroids but many, many, many animals and humans have been saved with them. They do have a place in medicine.
      >--- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, christine french <karmakatmeow@...> wrote:
      >> I understand that steroids helped save sunshine,but I have to say that in general they deplete the immunity and supress whats going on,id only ever administer if life and death scenario. Even then id never give to my cat karma ever again.
      >> When she was seven she got dermatitis n vet administered a month long steroid injection to help it.
      >> She got anaclyptic shock,kidney disease n inflamatory bowel disease all caused by a reaction to the shitty steroid.
      >> Its made karmas life dificult,gave her pain n cripled me financialy doing everything I csn to help her,it afected her heart at the time also.
      >> So yeah maybe in life n death scenario but other than that steroids can be very dangerous!!!
      >> Poor karmas quality of life damaged by that one shot.
      >> The vet admitted it the steroid that caused it.
      >> But hope sunshine continues to get better
      >> N it was a matter of life n death
      >> Christina n karma
      >> On Sat, 27 Aug 2011 01:53 BST Suzianne Painter-Thorne wrote:
      >> >If it helps, my kitten Boo has taken prednisone several times since being
      >> >diagnosed with HCM. Low doses, pills not injectable. She's been fine. They
      >> >were necessary to her care and I trusted her vet who's actually examined her
      >> >(and been to vet school!).
      >> >
      >> >I'm glad Sunshine is doing better!
      >> >
      >> >Sue & Boo
      >> >
      >> >On 8/26/11 8:47 PM, "LeeAnnC" <leeanncohen2512@...> wrote:
      >> >
      >> >> Hi,
      >> >> My vet and the cardiologist agree that the prednisone is not good for her
      >> >> heart BUT Sunshine was auto immune anemic in a matter of 48 hours. Steroid
      >> >> shots saved her life..it suppresses the bodies ability to fight the anemia.
      >> >> Without steroids she would not be able to make new blood cells and she would
      >> >> have died.
      >> >
      >> >
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