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Re: [FH] Please i need help

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  • Vicky
    Was she by any chance given the long acting antibiotic, Convenia? It has been known to cause severe anemia in cats. It is sometimes given after dentals,
    Message 1 of 6 , Aug 24, 2011
      Was she by any chance given the long acting antibiotic, Convenia? It
      has been known to cause severe anemia in cats. It is sometimes given
      after dentals, although that is not the type of use it is labeled for.


      This page and site is written by a licensed vet in California.

      I know that doesn't help regarding the heart problem, but I would like
      to get the word out about this drug that some vets have given patients
      without the owner's knowledge! You can ask to have written on your
      cat's chart the name of drugs you will not allow them to be given.

      I hope Sunshine is doing better. I'm sorry you have had to go through


      On Aug 24, 2011, at 8:53 AM, JOHN LEVENS wrote:

      > Hi Lee Ann; I am so sorry for what you and Sunshine are going
      > through right now, and I can empathize with your concern. Whatever
      > happened, it was going to happen anyway, and maybe the tooth
      > extraction brought it to a head, but it needed to be done. Possibly
      > without it you wouldn't have caught her heart disease until it was
      > too late. Now, working with the cardiologist (definitely have an
      > echo/ultrasound if you haven't already) you will be able to find the
      > right meds to stabilize her. Usually heart disease is treatable and
      > she will feel better once she's on the right meds. I can't know for
      > sure how serious her case is, and you should talk some more with the
      > cardiologist to get a good understanding of what her diagnosis is
      > and what her prognosis is. Ask lots of questions about what you can
      > do to help. But for Sunshine, the best thing you can do is stay
      > calm and supportive with her...try to keep her relaxed and happy, so
      > stay nearby (maybe
      > read near her) and keep her company as much as possible till she's
      > out of the crisis. Keep watching her closely for signs that she's
      > OK or having trouble. Count her resting breaths, if they are over
      > 30-35 she may be building fluid up and heading for congestive heart
      > failure. She will sense your panic if you are feeling it and that
      > will make it harder for her, so try to stay calm and in the moment.
      > Hopefully this crisis will pass soon...you are doing all the right
      > things caring for her, so don't feel any guilt...she's feeling your
      > love...good luck...Judi and Angel Max
      > --- On Tue, 8/23/11, LeeAnnC <leeanncohen2512@...> wrote:
      > From: LeeAnnC <leeanncohen2512@...>
      > Subject: [FH] Please i need help
      > To: feline-heart@yahoogroups.com
      > Date: Tuesday, August 23, 2011, 8:01 PM
      > This week has been a nightmare for me.
      > I'm sorry this is so long.
      > Sunshine is 16 yrs old..i have had her since she was 2 days old.
      > Last week she broke a tooth and it was very painful for her so i
      > opted to have it pulled. Pre op bloods were good..creat was a little
      > high but everything else was fine. She was given 1 dose of metacam
      > after the surgery which i thought was the cause of the rest of this
      > nightmare.
      > The day after her tooth extraction she was still out of it..i took
      > her back to have her checked..another vet looked at her and said she
      > was fine..just old and coming out of it slower. That night i thought
      > she wasn't breathing right and another vet came to my house and
      > checked her and said she sounded fine and again..from being put
      > under and it would wear off...the next morning i took her back
      > again..my original vet that did the surgery said she was okay..she
      > sounded fine..temp was good and give it another day or two...by the
      > next morning i was on the doorstep of the office when they opened
      > knowing something was seriously wrong.
      > Bloods showed her pcv down to 20 and she was severely anemic..phos
      > was up along with liver values. Chest xray was clear..heart looked
      > okay on xray...ekg was good..
      > Sunshine was hospitalized..put on high dose prednisone and was being
      > treated for auto immune anemia...in the mean time they were giving
      > some fluids because she wasn't eating but keeping them low because
      > they didn't want to dilute her blood.
      > She stabilized over the weekend..today the cardiologist diagnosed
      > her with something with the mitral valve and constriction of a left
      > and right ventricle...the number he gave was 48% ..my vet said
      > should be 60 so i don't know how bad this is.
      > I feel like by taking her to get that tooth pulled i caused
      > this...the cat was eating..drinking and happy before i threw her in
      > a carrier to take her to have her tooth pulled..i will never forgive
      > myself for this.
      > She's on lasix right now and 2 other heart meds...she looks like a
      > basket ball and is filled with fluid.
      > Sunshine takes 5 steps and lays back down..she doesn't want to move.
      > I did just bring her home tonight and the medication was just
      > started tonight but i'm heart broken.
      > I keep thinking i'm going to wake up and find her dead..i haven't
      > slept in a week. I'm worried sick and don't know what to do.
      > She was seen by a board certified cardiologist.
      > Any advice please..i have never had a cat with this.
      > thank you,
      > Lee Ann
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