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Re: [FH] Other Nutrients for HCM Cats

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    Hi Joanne - do you give 100 mg total for the day or 300 mf total for the day of the COQ10? Thanks, Maureen and Yuki ________________________________ From:
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 4, 2011
      Hi Joanne - do you give 100 mg total for the day or 300 mf total for the day of
      the COQ10?
      Maureen and Yuki

      From: Joanne <jomarbut@...>
      To: feline-heart@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Sun, July 3, 2011 4:49:24 PM
      Subject: [FH] Other Nutrients for HCM Cats

      For your consideration-human hearts and feline hearts are basically the same.
      They work the same and to a certain extent, our hearts can get the same sort of
      diseases. Cats are often prescribed human medications for the heart such as
      lasik, spironolactone, Plavix, etc. Therefore, usually what benefits a human
      heart disease patient usually benefits a feline patient. For example, a human
      study said that heart patients need extra vitamins to help the heart function
      because heart meds strip the body of necessary nutrients (especially lasik.)
      COQ10 is found in our bodies and is needed for cell growth, energy, and also
      works as an antioxidant. The heart is already full of it. Studies have shown a
      benefit to the heart if a patient takes more COQ10. Therefore, since May 2010,
      our cat has received an inch and a half a day of her feline vitamin paste (we
      use Excel) and one COQ10 100 mg pill per meal at three times a day (we use
      Nature Made and pierce the gel cap and squeeze out the contents and mix it into
      her wet food.) After a month, her heart numbers improved and she has remained
      the same since June 2010 and without an incident. Granted, this might change in
      the future as HCM is a delicate condition. But there's no harm in giving extra
      vitamins and COQ10 to cats. Use the feline vitamin paste which is made with the
      levels that cats need and has vitamins they need such as taurine. How much to
      give is a guess. We found that she would eat about an inch and a half of it with
      her food. How much COQ10 for cats is a guess but 100 mg x3 a day works for our
      cat. Most of but not all of the contents of the gel cap come out when you
      squeeze it. You will need to monitor if the cat's colon can handle the oils
      (there might be loose stool at first.) But that seems to be the only issue. If
      there's anything else that people are giving their cats to improve their health,
      please let me know. Thank you.

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