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Re: [FH] Yuki still in CHF

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    Michelle, You are right and I am keeping her inside. Our house is shaded and woodsy so it is always pretty cool even when it is hot outside. And I know about
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      You are right and I am keeping her inside. Our house is shaded and woodsy so it
      is always pretty cool even when it is hot outside. And I know about the hiding. 
      She has a number of spots that I have had to discover over time.  Sometimes I
      think - how could I lose my cat in a 1 story house and no access to the
      basement?  She can be very clever.  (But I think I have found them all)
      Maureen and Yuki

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      Please do not let her out!  When they feel sick, they go off and hide, and
      you'll never find her.  Ypu don't want her getting worse out there somewhere
      where you cant find her to help her. 

      I think that maybe so many kitties are getting worse at this time because of the
      weather!  If you have a heart kitty, you must have air conditioning in the
      summer.  I always know which day I need to turn mine on when I wake up one
      morning and Tigger is spread out like a pancake on the tile floor in the
      hallway.  I wasn't uncomfortably warm myself, but obviously HE needed it. 
      Hearts have to work harder when it's hot and/or oppressively humid -- you must
      have air conditioning for them!!  And keep it on, even if YOU are a little
      chilly.  Remember, they have FUR COATS on all the time!! 

      take care -- Michelle & Tigger Too in Toronto
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      >From: MAUREEN FOGG
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      >Subject: [FH] Yuki still in CHF

      >Hello,  It seems to be a terrible time for heart kitties.  Yuki has been in and

      >out of CHF since last Tuesday past (21st of June).  One day she is ok, the next

      >she is in CHF.  Last Sunday she was in CHF in the morning and then after I gave

      >her the lasix shot in the evening she went into CHF.  Last night she was fine
      >sleeping on her perch in my room and early this morning (4am) she heard the
      >birds and she started to get all crazy like she does when she wants to go out.
      >Well she worked herself into CHF again. She had come to sleep next to me and
      >when I woke with her beside me I realized she was in trouble.  SO.. She got
      >a .24ml shot and she didnt even flinch.  Do you think she knows that I will help
      >her when she feels bad?  Maybe.  Anyway I got the results from her blood work
      >last night.  Everything looks fine.  Her renal values just slightly elevated but
      >her electrolytes are fine.  When the vet came in on Tuesday, Yuki was fine and
      >she said she cannot believe that there is anything wrong with her by the way she
      >wast acting that day.  I think Yuki stresses herself out when she wants to go
      >out and meows constantly and puts herself into CHF.  My husband and I have been

      >trying to get down on the floor and stroke and talk to her when she goes into
      >her meowing fits. She is so determined and stubborn when she wants to go
      >outside.  We let her out on supervised outings in the past.  Maybe that is the
      >trouble - she got a taste for the good life.  But now with her so sick I wont
      >let her go.  So I cannot blame bad potassium values for her increased
      >episodes/seizures.  What are the other causes?  She is just quickly getting
      >worse?  At this rate I dont think she will make it through the summer. I am
      >giving her:

      >1 Vetmedin 1.25 mg
      >1 lasix pill 12.5 mg
      >3/4 Vetmedin
      >.20ml lasix injection

      >When she goes into CHF I give her .24 ml injection (like this morning) and she
      >seems to be fine in about 20 minutes. 
      >I think perhaps the lasix pills are not getting assimilated into her body and I

      >may need to inject her twice a day and forget the pills.  The cardiologist
      >recommeded just giving the shots and I feel like I need to do that (even though

      >I hate doing it).  When she is well and I give her a shot she gives me such a
      >look of betrayal and disgust and wont come near me. 
      >Poor Yuki - the little white cat who was always abandoned - given up 3 times
      >prior to me adopting her at just 3 years old.  No wonder she stresses so.
      >I love her little white face.
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